Ever Learned About Mindset... But Can't Seem To Control How You Feel?

23 Video Exercises

In 23 exercises, Valentin teaches you everything from clearing whats blocking you to creating the positive emotions you have always wanted to feel on a daily basis.


Learn from one of the founders of MAP in his first and only class where you learn how to deal with your thoughts and emotions yourself.

60+ Years

Solve the puzzle of the mind with ease as you go through the course that has 60 plus years of combined experience in the fields of psychology, social work, hypnosis, NLP, EFT and coaching.


Keep the skills you learn from the MAP On The Go Course by taking advantage of the 6 plus hours of bonus sessions with Valentin.


$297 / ONCE
Access to the MAP On The Go Course. Plus all the bonus material.


Who is the trainer?

Valentin Streicher is the Co-Founder of the MAP Method and the Top Trainer at the MAP Coaching Institute. He trains coaches and professionals from all over the world. He also privately coaches high performers. Valentin is the developer of the MAP On The Go Course which is designed as a self-help tool for people who want to master their mind and emotions to experience more joy, happiness and success in life. 


Here what the course looks like.


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Lesson Plan

01: Introduction
      Meet Valentin, co-founder of MAP and coach for high performers and business owners. He is now your instructor

02: Getting Started
      Lost? Don't know where to start? No problem, Valentin shows you what is needed to begin managing the mind.

03: The Foundation
      Valentin teaches the foundational knowledge that lets you start taking back control over your mind instead of it controlling you!

04: The Experience
      There are a million ways to learn how to do something but the base of all learning is to gather information and then experience it for yourself. Valentin gives you a first hand experience of MAP so that you learn how it feels and can start replicating it in your own life.

05: Learn MAP
      Valentin guides you through each skill that is needed to command your brain to handle the memories that are the cause of your thoughts and emotions. You learn how to identify, feel, command and let go with specific gradual exercises that teach you how to master each step.

06: The Blocks
      Every skill, including MAP, needs to be honed in with practice. Dealing with failure is a big part of it but Valentin guides you through the main internal blocks that someone needs to overcome to be truly effective at practicing a skill. 

07: Creating Emotions
      Learning how to let go of negative thoughts and emotions is a great piece to the puzzle but thats not all of it. Learn how to begin creating your life forward with exercises that teach you how to hone in how you want to feel and bring it to reality.

08: Final Thoughts And Bringing It All Together
      Valentin finishes his class by offering some parting advice and words of inspiration. 

09: Bonus Material
      Valentin and his clients have learned how to manage their thoughts and emotions by daily practice. Get access to his best recorded sessions designed to create positive emotions and release all the blocks that are holding you back from living your best self.

"Instead of feeling stuck, now I am so confident I am going out there and doing more, I am feeling unstoppable, And I’m actually achieving more, I’m just flat out more productive. And that’s what happens when you rewire your brain. Im literally not the same person i was, i just don’t think the same way than i used to think before and that has made all the difference in my life and business."

Fitness and Spiritual Coach

"The journey with MAP was not only smoother, but when I accomplished something it was even better than I thought because I was preparing for it in a different way."

Advanced masters level Clinician & Coach

"There are so many things that i'm using map for all day everyday."

#1 Best Selling Author

"The MAP Technique broadens what you thought was possible in treating and working with yourself. And it will also provide you an awesome tool that you can simple take and run with and incorporate it into what you are already doing in life. I hope you take the time to take the class and experience what map is all about."

Chiropractor and Wellness Expert

"I love that I can use MAP myself, I am using it every day to keep myself focused and in a resourceful state."

Sam Elick
Owner of BrainJuice


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