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This is The MAP Certification Program - The solution for coaches, health practitioners, and spiritual guides for building a solid foundation of service for your business and making sure your voice stands out and is heard by the people that need to hear it!


"The universe has a way of calling your bluff.  I often said to myself “ I want something that is really innovative , simple to learn, and will challenge me to grow and do my best working with a variety of clients. After exploring many modalities and practices that I incorporated into my work over the years I was looking for something that fit my interests in Contemplative Psychotherapy,  Success Coaching , Buddhist Psychology and Mind/ Body transformation. After over 3o years  of working as a Clinical Social Worker in a traditional mental health setting and private practice Integrative Coach using BodyTalk I was filled with anxiety about leaving my job and pursuing my passion to grow my Coaching business. Colette called me the week I turned in my resignation and invited me to take the MAP course.MAP training is one of the most dramatically liberating endeavors I have done in my life. Val is a Master Trainer.  He guided me through the intense processes cheerfully, generously and patiently with profound awareness and compassion.  He is intelligent and insightful.  He co creates the space for your journey as a student of MAP and cares genuinely about your  personal evolution , as he continue to share his resources and discoveries of new ideas. The MAP training is a gift that allowed me to emerge with a clearer vision of who I am , what I believe and value the most , and ways of allowing the best transformational experiences to my clients as possible. "

Vicky Sherman (U.S.A)
LCSW, CBP, Women's Empowerment Coach

"MAP is an evolutionary process that masterfully integrates the various and multiple bodies of knowledge and consciousness technology that I have studied for 35 years and applied in Clinical Practice for 20+ years.  Colette has applied her genius to the genius of Dr Garry Flint’s work with the subconscious and integrated numerous technologies to both clear blocks in the mind to what we want and desire and to masterfully utilize the mind technologies that speed up manifestation into physical reality. Val’s genius is in organizing the work into a smooth flowing deliverable process for such a large body of information and process.  In addition, he is a masterful trainer and coach, powerfully impacting every client and student he works with. MAP is an integrative technology that will continue to deepen.  If you are seeking deeper evolutionary development for yourself, or if you deliver other modalities, or if you are seeking to enter a deeper level of service to others, MAP is the most encompassing technology you will find. Take the next step and join the next MAP training."

Cathrine Noel (U.S.A)
Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Entrepreneur and Life Coach, EFT, TFT (ADV), NLP Master, Resonance Repatterning, GIN Level IV.

"This training is an ocean of knowledge that helps you access the conscious and unconscious mind, and changes any memory or behavior with gentleness. MAP gives you the tools to help others heal."

Pilar Quiroga (U.S.A)
Cellular Release Practitioner, Chakra Energy Healer and Mom

Here’s What We’ll Cover

We’ll show you everything you need to know to master our powerful method (MAP) and about how to apply MAP in your services. With our bi-weekly sessions you can be certain that you will be able to learn this method and apply it effectively with clients.

Month 1: Intro To MAP

In Month 1, you will learn about all the basics of map. We will discuss how to apply this method on yourself, how to introduce the map method to others, and all the little details that come with commanding your own subconscious mind.

Month 2: First Session & Basic Skills

In Month 2, we are going to dive into the world of what skills are necessary to navigate the MAP System. We’ll cover how to give first introduction sessions to your clients, How to Muscle Check, How to command the brain and all the in's and out's of our detailed protocol of the mind.

Month 3: Learning the MAP Protocol

In Month 3, we are going to dive deeper into some of the different sections of the MAP Protocol that allows you to address subjects from more than one angle. We’ll dive deeper into the basics we have taught you so that everyone masters the basics before we finish the course.

Month 4: Chart Expansion

In Month 4, you will learn even more about this extensive MAP Protocol Chart. We’ll show you why it's important to respect the clients subconscious mind and how to get difficult areas of their consciousness willing to accept change and integrate with the client for a life of more satisfaction and less pain.

Month 5: Alignment

In Month 5, we will show you what is important to focus on as you align someone to their goals. You will also dive deeper into how you can use the present moment to address core blockages that have held your clients back for ages. 

Month 6: Review and Graduate

In Month 6, we finish up the training and set you up for the support that you need in the future. We have specifically designed the course to help you master all the different pieces of the MAP Coaching System so that you can finish our training with confidence and a feeling of satisfaction.

Start Growing Your Service And Confidence Today

As a service provider we know that your service is the foundation of your business. The better you help your clients the more results they get, and the results they get are the reasons they come back for more and tell all their friends about you!

"As a MAP client working with Colette and Val for over a year, i thought it was fantastic how MAP changed my life. Now as a Certified MAP Practitioner, not only has MAP continued to enhance my life, but my family, friends, and client’s quality of life as well. The impact has been amazing! The best decision i made in years. Back in Spring of 2015 I was talking the first step of signing up for The MAP Certification Program. After less than a year of training and practice sessions, i passed the test to become a Certified MAP coach. I now run my own business called PEAK-Teaching that helps kids with performance and educational alignment-anxiety and behavior issues related to school and sports. Even though the business was started to help kids, i have helped just as many parents with MAP as well. MAP is life changing because MAP goes deeper into the subconscious mind for total and complete clearing. MAP is a course of action that can’t be touched, but can be experienced and will change your life just like it has mine."

Kristi Janczak (U.S.A)
M.Ed, Student/Parent Coach

"Before The MAP Certification program, I realized that some of the shifts I had made personally required me to take (sometimes) painful action in order to deal with past baggage. Also even when I thought I had actually let something go, I would be triggered by something in the present without quite knowing why. It was frustrating being easily affected by my emotions. With The MAP Certification Program, I had a safe space to explore the deeper parts of my past to address the root core issues, and also discover how painless it was to neutralize emotions and memories that no longer served me. It was really fascinating to discover a whole protocol on the brain!! Val also made the whole process feel so safe, easy and fun.. giving everyone of us the ability to grow as practitioners, confront our own fears but also reach our goal of being able to bring MAP to the world. Having been through the training, I am now more confident of myself, actually kicked a 35-year old habit, shifted my mindset towards my hubby (no longer get angry with him anymore) and accelerated my business. To say that it has transformed my world is an understatement! I look forward to using MAP to help others be free of their internal shackles so they can THRIVE and become the best version of themselves."

Shaen Yeo (Singapore)
Thriving Parents Coach, Author, Speaker, Mum

Our World-Class Team Has Your Back

Our amazing trainers will walk you through step-by-step setting up every foundation that is needed to master the MAP Coaching System with your clients. With over 70 years of collective experience, our method and the physiologists who have founded MAP have seen it all. We’ve been where you are and we know exactly what you need to do to get to where you want to go. You’re in good hands.

Meet Your Trainer

Valentin Streicher

(Co- Founder of MAP & Head Trainer of The MAP Certification Program)

With several years of personal development under his belt, Valentin is a highly experienced coach and entrepreneur who knows how to get fast results with his clients. He has coached high performers from all over the world including high level musicians, millionaire business owners and successful investors.

He also Co-Founded the MAP Method and has trained coaches, doctors and therapists from all over the world.

Start The MAP Certification Program Today

We are so confident that you are going to love The MAP Certification Program that we are giving you 30 days, risk-free! That’s right, you can attend our training for 15 days and if you realize this is not for you for any reason, simply email us and we will send you a refund.

"I see this being synergistic with pretty much anyone’s practice but specifically for mine, I can see it making a huge difference in people’s emotional states and their willingness grow! I came to the training knowing that it would be healing, but I had no idea the way it would manifest and how profound the transformations would be. I feel as though I’m walking away from this training a whole new woman!"

Torie Feldman (U.S.A)
Bakaya Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, & Spiritual Coach

"This was by far one of the most incredible courses I have ever taken! And I have taken hundreds of courses over the years, It’s been an amazing experience because, It broadens your concept of what is possible in working with clients, It provides so much information that you can draw upon when working with someone, And you can personalize it, run with it and incorporate it into what you are already doing as an amazing practitioner, doctor, or therapist. Whatever it is that you’re doing out there in the field, this course will take it and make it better! I highly recommend the course for any practitioner that wants to truly make a difference in people’s lives."

Kieran Kurkendahl (U.S.A)
Certified Chiropractor, transformational coaching, quantum neurology, applied kinesiology, cutting edge nutritional interventions, laser therapy, emotional release techniques, and functional chiropractic neurology

Get Access To Exclusive Bonuses

Here are three amazing bonuses you get for free when you sign up today!


The MAP On The Go Course

Our Facebook Pixel Guide takes away all the challenges of figuring out how to utilize Facebook Pixels and makes it totally easy. And the best part is, anytime Facebook makes changes to its Pixel program, we’ll always have the latest updates added to the guide!


Affiliate Opportunities

Get on the right path to success and overcome “paralysis by analysis,” with our Ultimate Schedule To Success Guide. Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy… this bonus guide will tell you what to do, and just as important, when to.


E-Trainings (Group Sessions)

Learn by experiencing the group sessions that our trainer Valentin Streicher has graciously provided for each and every student that signs up. Not only do you get the benefit of experiencing these group sessions but this sets up the perfect space for you to learn how to provide group sessions for your clients as well. 


The next step is purely for people who are committed to taking a training and are ready to possibly commit to The MAP Certification Program.


Heres a quick overview of all you will learn during The MAP Certification Program.

Learn how to effectively coach clients

Whether your beginning or have been in this field for a while, this course provides huge insights on how to coach your clients effecting for more profound results. 

Learn one of the most powerful tools for coaching

The MAP System is different. It's for people who are not afraid to explore the cutting edge of new methods on this planet. MAP a combination of the best in different fields like psychology, energy healing and personal development. 

Get Coached and Constant Practice the whole time!

This training is not just theory. You will be provided a system where you will be always practicing every week. You will also be coached every week so not only will you be growing your skills but you will also be getting better internally. 

Align people to goals and dreams.

Our protocol of the mind has special items within that allows you as a practitioner to help your clients get WAY MORE aligned on goals and dreams that they have been thinking about doing.

Identify core issues that holds your clients back.

You will learn a powerful method that allows you to both identify blocks through talking and also through unconscious communications. so you can go straight to whats blocking your clients faster. The MAP System is something that is respectful, simple and addresses deep blockages. 

Never get lost within a session again

You will have a structure for the mind. You will not have to know it all! The way we have setup the material is specifically beneficial for coaches that do a lot of sessions because you will have a "home" a place where if you don't know what to do you can always come back to. You will have a protocol that allows you to relax and be more present with clients. 

Have Lifetime Access To The Training

This training is something you can go back to over and over again to sharpen your skills and to master the basics you learn during the course. 

Get Certified As Part Of A Team That Makes the world a better place.

After the course you can be provided support to help you transition into the next year as a successful certified practitioner.

Get Bonuses That Help You Improve Yourself.

This training has been known as a transformational training just because not only do you learn how to help other. You will dramatically grow yourself, because as you provide sessions and also get coached yourself you will grow into an even better you. 



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