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Meet Colette Streicher

Colette Streicher moved to the United States from France in 1995. In 2001, she graduated from the University of Houston with a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a specialization in family therapy.  Colette currently operates a successful international practice as Peak Performance Coach.

For more than 20 years, Colette continually studied many different therapies stemming from the field of Energy Psychology. These studies include EFT with Gary Craig, Thought Field Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Bodytalk, Quantum techniques, Seemorg Matrix as well as many others.

In 2013 Colette co-founded a new method in the field of psychology (Manifesting All Possibilities(TM), MAP for short.

Through the use of MAP, practitioners are able to create extraordinary results. The method was proven effective to rewire the brain through the use of QEEG technology. MAP is a revolution in the field of psychology as it gets instantaneous results without the use of tapping or even talking.

Colette is known as the secret weapon of some high achievers such as Christopher Duncan as featured in the TV show Business Rockstars. She has helped many clients attract the success and abundance that they desire. At the MAP Coaching Institute, Colette and her son Valentin not only certify professionals but teach the general public a self-help version known as MAP on Go, thus fulfilling the mission of MAP on the planet: Empowering humanity by making mental and emotional fitness accessible to all.

Author of:

MPower: How to Manifest Miracles with your Mind (Click Here to Find This Book on Amazon)
Abundance on Demand: 5 Easy Steps to Master the Inner Game of Money (Click Here to Find This Book on Amazon)

Meet Valentin Streicher


Following high school, Valentin began to study at a technical college.  While studying, Valentin read numerous motivation and inspiring authors like Og Mandino, Zig Zigglar and Dan Millman.  After college graduation he began to study natural mental and energetic healing methods including Body Talk, EFT, Matrix Energetics and more.  He also studied consciousness technologies and reached the highest level in the Avatar courses.

Valentin soon realized employment in the industry that his college studies in diesel engines and advanced car mechanics had prepared him for, was not going to be personally fulfilling.  Following this realization he quit his job at Toyota and left on a two year journey of self-discovery that led him through multiple countries including Australia, Indonesia, India, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and more.

Valentin returned to the United States with a commitment to make a difference in the world and develop his expertise in the field of personal growth.  He became an avid student of personal development and participated in courses such as the Tony Robbin’s Mastery University, Silva Method, Avatar and The Secret to Life Coaching. Concurrently, Valentin became a MAP coach and joined the MAP founding team.  He spent a full year designing a systemized approach which is known as the Advanced MAP protocol and is taught to every student of the MAP Coaching Institute.

Valentin Streicher is fiercely committed to guiding dedicated practitioners, students of the MAP Coaching Institute, to reach extraordinary results. He wants his students to develop strong reputations in their field of practice as being result oriented and breakthrough producing coaches. Valentin’s ultimate satisfaction is to see the coaches he trains develop a thriving, fulfilling, and successful business in their own fields of expertise (life, business, executive, sports performance, health, etc.).

What really ignites Valentin’s passion is recognizing and understanding that by helping  professional coaches make a quantum leap in their effectiveness—by teaching them the MAP system, he is touching, indirectly, the lives of hundreds of people, their clients, family, and friends and thus making a powerful impact on the wellbeing of the planet.

When Valentin is not teaching, he is coaching private clients. He works with athletes, predominantly golfers, to enhance their mental game, help them reach higher levels of confidence leading to higher performance on the course and how to use MAP to quickly achieve maximum performance.


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Create Your Fabulous New Future!

Ready to take your life to the next level?
Join over 1,000 others who have experienced our method and get access to our 
free library!

With money boosting meditations, fear eliminating MAP sessions, and mind blowing resources for high performers!

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