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Anne Cullen

Advanced Certified MAP Practitioner (500+ Sessions)
Active Inner Circle Member

  • Empowering Mothers

  • Responsive Parenting

  • Family Well-being


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Why Choose Anne Cullen?

Anne believes there is nothing more important than raising the next generation. 

She has passionately committed herself to her own motherhood, and to supporting others along THEIR journeys. 

But let’s face it, even though it may be the most rewarding job on the planet, it can also be overwhelming, exhausting and lonely! 

If you are finding the days are all getting to be a bit too much for you, and you’d just LOVE to get your internal fires burning again, then Anne is your coach! 

She will help you clear whatever is blocking your path to joy, passion, inspiration, or anything else your heart desires. 

You will be gently guided to a more expansive way of thinking, feeling and viewing the world so that instead of complaining, playing it safe and limiting yourself you’ll be loving life, open to possibilities and ready to live out your dreams! 

Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup – if you want to best look after the people you love then you must first look after YOU!  

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- Bachelor of Arts:  Sociology/Anthropology; Family Resources; Education

- International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

 - Mother of 2 boys


About Anne Cullen:

Anne Cullen is passionate about supporting and educating women in the early years of their mothering journey so that they can truly enjoy parenting and their babies grow up feeling safe and understood. She uses her broad range of knowledge and experience in responsive parenting and well-being to guide mothers to a place of feeling confident and empowered. Anne has a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Sociology/Anthropology; Family Resources; and Education and is an Advanced MAP Practitioner and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She has worked with families and children for over 25 years in various roles around the United States and New Zealand where she currently resides with her husband and two beautiful boys.

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Private Coaching

The perfect starting place for devoted mothers who are ready to put some of the focus back on themselves!  This monthly package includes three one-to-one sessions and can be renewed as often as desired.

Design Your Life

For those who prefer to work with other mothers on their journey to finding themselves again!  This package includes lifetime access to the  Design Your Life online course and one year membership into my Inner Circle group coaching programme.

VIP Package

Are you ready to makes changes in your life quickly and with maximum support?  As a VIP you receive all the benefits listed in the Design Your Life package, along with six private sessions, a 90-day coaching guide and three months of daily check-ins with Anne.

Written Reviews Of Anne's Work

"My MAP sessions with Anne were amazing. She is caring, insightful & a natural. She helped me to look at some aspects of myself that I hadn’t considered before that opened a door to another part of my life that needed exploring to set me free from old beliefs and habits. MAP is a great tool for personal growth and tapping into the super conscious. I would highly recommend Anne to release you from you past & create the future you deserve."

Ange Wilcock
RTT Therapist

"There are no words to describe how Anne made me feel as a parent! She gave me reassurance and most of all belief. Belief that following my intuition and heart was the best thing I could do. Such a knowledgeable and amazing lady for parents!"

Karly Foley-Waite
Full Time Mother

"I sought help from Anne when I was feeling a little lost with life. I did 3 sessions with her and it has had a remarkable effect on my life! I am able to rationalise things that would have triggered me and they no longer seem to bother me. It has definitely helped me interact better with my family and take a calmer approach to life."

Michelle Bailey
Full Time Mother

"Before Design Your Life I was confused and unable to focus on the positive. Now I feel more positive about my daily life and confident that I can be the best me. I can now move forward to where I want to be. My mindset has become more positive and trusting, and I have learned amazing tools to stay connected with the people most important to me. I feel like I now have control of my own life, and know how I want to live it and how to keep it that way in the future."

Miia Mikkala
Mother of Two

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