What happens after a 4 year obsession with the Neurobiology of MAP?

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Kim Simons

  • Private Coach at the MAP Coaching Institute
  • Research and Development at the MAP Coaching Institute 
  • Anxiety Decoded Creator and Lead Coach

  • Anxiety and fear

  • The neuroscience of MAP

  •  Meaning and performance

  • Men's emotional health 

  • Your body as your subconscious mind 
  • Ketamine preparation, insight and integration
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A bit of my story ...  

I spent my 20’s becoming a commercial pilot flying Float Planes in Canada’s remote North. In one season two mechanical failures and one lousy decision all left me very close to losing my life. I'm lucky to be here.

Within six month of those work related traumas I was hit "out of the blue" with a physically disabling autoimmune disease. Unable to fly, my passion became charting a course back to health, happiness and freedom. 

Little did I know I would spend the next decade unraveling the mysteries of life,  eventually getting to help people along the way.

One thing I have discovered; The Neuroscience behind The MAP Method is powerful! It can help us move beyond the pain and struggle of our mind and emotions, towards a life and a self we love. 

 A more official bio....

In addition to her MAP Certification and flying credentials, Kim is certified as both a Life Coach and End-of-Life Coach. Along with American of College Sports Medicine Personal Training Specialist with additional certifications in exercise psychology, older adult fitness and mindbody approaches to wellness including Psy-k and Ho'oponopono. 

In 2016 Kim became the first certified Mentor for the revolutionary Happy Body Program: a yin fusion of mantra meditation and olympic style weightlifting. The Happy Body Program had been a Silicon Valley secret for more than 15 years. Kim now offers this paradigm changing program worldwide so anyone can enjoy its benefits.

Kim Lives in Toronto Canada’s Beaches Community in the summer and some place warmer in the winter - 2023 will be the Caribbean and Mexico. As a Kinaesthetic Empath ( a feeler healer) she supports her gifts with movement and creative expression - an avid contact improv dancer, a devil stick juggler, kickboxer and instagram photographer with an unshakable urge to put way too many filters on her images (check out my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kimsim/ ) 

Kim’s mission on the planet is to help consciousness evolve away from fear and towards love ... and she does thatby helping you.  

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Written Reviews Of Kim's Work

"Kim is one of the most gifted MAP coaches I seen come through the institute."

Head student Coach MAP Institute

"The way Kim was so fully and consciously present for our session, is what really helped facilitate a deep shift for me. I have no doubt about the potential of MAP in helping to transform lives, but for me it’s Kim that creates a safe space for transformation to happen."

Health Care Worker

"I want to commend Kim for her beautiful energy and intuition, for her excitement when we make breakthroughs, it really feels like a collaborative process and I trust that I’m in very capable hands"

holistic therapist

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