Empowering Women to Create Their Perfect Dream Life with Ease

Sharon Singh Sidhu

Location: Singapore, Singapore


  • Women Empowerment
  • Career Success
  • Financial Wellness
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Sharon combines her extensive corporate experience across multiple industries and countries as a leadership trainer, coach, recruiter, and HR leader with the MAP™ Method to help women create their perfect dream life with confidence and ease so they can live a happy, fulfilling and peaceful life.

Using a holistic approach, Sharon works with you to engage both your intelligent, rational mind with your intuitive, inner wisdom to create lasting results in a gentle and joyful way.

In particular, Sharon’s speciality and interests lie in working with women in the areas of high performance, success, financial wellness, money and confidence.


About Sharon

Sharon is passionate about empowering women so they can transform their dreams into reality and create a life of success, happiness and joy.

When Sharon was thrust into the role of the sole breadwinner of her family, she discovered how unprepared she was in navigating finances, career, marriage and motherhood.

As a high achieving woman, Sharon never expected to struggle with anything. But these demands led her to become anxious and stressed, unable to sleep because she worried if she would be able to provide the kind of lifestyle she wanted for her family.

Searching for answers to overcome her challenges around money, work, time, marriage, parenting, and self-confidence led her to MAP. The results she personally experienced with the MAP Method and what she saw in so many other clients convinced Sharon to become certified in the MAP Method so she could help not only herself, but also her family, friends and other women who felt trapped by their current circumstances.

Sharon’s mission is to create a world where women are leading successful homes and workplaces with kindness, compassion and happiness and in the process, uplift and empower all of humanity.

If you’re a woman who’s looking for a different approach to high performance and success that’s gentle, kind and easier than the outdated model of hustle and grind, then Sharon is the coach for you!

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Website: https://sharonsinghsidhu.com 

Email: [email protected]

Social Media

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharonsinghsidhu/

Medium: https://medium.com/@sharonsinghsidhu

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sharonsinghsidhu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sharonsscoach

Other Credentials

  • Certificate in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA)
  • Certified Leadership Trainer (Personify Leadership)
  • Certified Financial Education Instructor (NFEC)
  • Podcast Creator & Host, Creating Your Perfect Dream Life Podcast
  • Over 2 decades in Leadership Development, Recruiting & HR
  • Masters of Science in Industrial Relations & HR Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Business
  • Diploma in Freelance Journalism

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Sharon provides a free meetup group to get introduced to her coaching strategies and MAP or you can hop right into her program!

Combine the latest research from neuroscience with a meditative, mindful approach that taps into your intuitive, inner wisdom and more importantly, that's been proven to work!

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Sharon's holistic programs engage your body, mind and soul.

They are designed for women who want a proven, science-based approach to rewire their brain and tap into their intuitive, inner wisdom to guide inspired actions leading to tangible results and lasting success.

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Waldi Helma

MPA, Senior Program Manager, Social Services

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

Before I had a coaching session with Sharon, I was feeling tired and exhausted from a long day at work. During our session, Sharon guided me through a relaxation process by giving some commands to my subconscious mind. As we progressed along with our session, I felt slowly relaxing. I was able to let go of all my tension to the point that my headache disappeared. By the end of our session, I felt more relaxed, calmer and ready to take on the remaining part of my day. The change occurred on both the physical and emotional level. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your gifts of healing and transformation.


Manager at Mastercard

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

(The coaching sessions) helped me to perceive some things differently, such as my idea of how fast or slow I am achieving things and what obstacles are holding me back. Thanks Sharon for your coaching and advice! It was an interesting experience and I learnt a few tips to rethink how I deal with situations in life.


senior leader at a professional services company

 5 Star Rating!

Sharon's sessions have been tremendously helpful for me. I've had a very challenging and stressful season and have started my 1st coaching session with Sharon being very stressed out and overwhelmed. Since then, after each coaching session, I've been able to realise a greater sense of peace, calm and stability. Additionally, I am also experiencing an openness to embrace challenges as they come with a more positive outlook on challenges & negative experiences.


Learning Designer, Uplifters

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

As I was struggling with my decision to relocate from Hong Kong to Morocco with my family, Sharon tremendously helped me make my choice a serene one. She asked the right questions and by doing so, made it crystal clear to me what were the exact reasons why I needed this change to happen in my life. Thanks to her support, I look forward to this move while feeling immensely grateful for my life experience here in Hong Kong. Sharon is not only a professional and highly competent coach but also and maybe most importantly, a genuinely kind and compassionate human being ❤️.


Co-Founder, Mewar Collective

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

I had the chance to get a one-to-one session with Sharon. I was very impressed by her professionalism and her ability to summarize my struggles very quickly. Sharon has a very clear mind and will get you very practical solutions straight away.


⭐ 5 Star Rating!

Sharon is very patient and approachable. I enjoy her coaching sessions and she is always there to address my doubts or concerns and helps me to understand better. I notice (my) thoughts and behaviours, which in turn (helps me in) slowly changing/improving myself hopefully.


⭐ 5 Star Rating!

After each coaching session, I found myself more at peace and at an utter loss for room for worry. Whatever was discussed as my pain points during my coaching session seemed to dissolve, dissipate and did not feel like pain points after the session. The sessions have really worked and I have not experienced a rebound yet.

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