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Margaret Allan

Certified MAP Practitioner
Supervisor at the MAP Coaching Institute 
Active Inner Circle Member

  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Lack of Confidence or Self Worth
  • Health and Physical Wellbeing
  • Work/home/relationship issues
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Why Choose Margaret?

‘The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.’

James Oppenheim

Margaret Allan is passionate about health.  She is a degree-qualified Nutritionist and a Certified MAP Practitioner and has spent many years consulting with people privately and in groups in order to help them achieve their individual health and lifestyle goals.

Margaret believes that the pursuit of true wellbeing requires a multi-faceted approach using an holistic perspective to ensure all aspects of a person’s health (physical, mental and emotional) are being addressed, supported and healed. 

Margaret uses nutritional medicine to address physical concerns such as fatigue, poor quality sleep, mood imbalances, weight concerns and reduced immunity, and helps you become aware of the diet and lifestyle behaviors that are not serving you well. 

Through the process of education, mentoring and dietary support, she guides you through the process of making adjustments that will assist you to achieve greater levels of health and harmony.  

In addition to nutritional medicine, Margaret uses MAP to address common mental health challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias and feelings of overwhelm.  These emotions can be triggered by past experiences and beliefs that are embedded in the subconscious mind and not part of your active memory or consciousness.  

MAP provides a simple yet effective mechanism by which the negative experiences or beliefs are identified and cleared so you can enjoy more comfort, confidence and success.  

In her MAP consultations, Margaret utilises a co-operative, collaborative approach to create a safe space in which you are relaxed, awake and aware, and can fully explore your fears, challenges, limitations, negative beliefs and mental blocks. 

She provides an opportunity for you to uncover the reasons why you may not be achieving your goals, whether they are physical or mental, and uses a variety of strategies and tools to address these reasons and support your progress towards greater ease, freedom and fulfillment. 

Many health challenges have both a physical and emotional origin, so together these techniques enable you to accelerate your progress towards a state of increased satisfaction, balance and wellbeing.  

Utilizing this holistic perspective, Margaret creates an environment in which you are able to heal physically and mentally, identify your goals and dreams, and create momentum towards the life you desire.   This generates lasting change that enables a broader and deeper experience of health, harmony, success, freedom and fulfillment, and grows happiness under your feet!

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Supervisor at the MAP Coaching Institute 

Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nutritional Medicine)

Certificate in Health and Nutrition

About Margaret:

Margaret has been studying the concept of ‘health’ for over 35 years.   She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease as a child and has been pursuing optimal physical and emotional wellbeing ever since.  As an adult she trained as a Nutritionist and combines her professional training with her personal experience of chronic illness to provide a comprehensive, collaborative approach to the pursuit of health.   Margaret understands the perplexing, often frustrating roller-coaster nature of poor health and uses MAP to bring a fresh perspective that can enliven your day and lift your spirits!

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Optimising Health

It is often said that health is wealth.  And this is true.  Life can be harder to navigate when you are not in good health.  Achieving optimal wellness is a step by step process that involves physical and emotional strategies.  Using MAP as a key tool, this program addresses the worries and concerns that often accompany ill health and helps to clarify and increase momentum towards individual health goals.  

These sessions are conducted online via a secure video connection and sessions can be scheduled at your own pace.    

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Adjusting to the New You

Life may not always proceed as we want. Age, illness, disability or death of a loved one can all contribute to the need to walk down a different path in life.  We may need to step out on our own in a way that our friends, family or loved ones have not.  Being guided and supported in this process using MAP can make a significant difference between successfully navigating the process towards a ‘new you’ or staying stuck in fear and resistance.   

These sessions are conducted online via a secure video connection and sessions can be scheduled at your own pace. 

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Accepting Change

Sometimes change is desired, pursued and within our control.  At other times it can be thrust upon us without warning which can be confronting, chaotic and distressing.   Whether the change is wanted or unwelcome, MAP can help to smooth the path forward and create greater ease, comfort, acceptance and harmony in the new circumstances.   

These sessions are conducted online via a secure video connection and sessions can be scheduled at your own pace. 

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Written Reviews Of Margaret's Work

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Margaret on MAP! While not knowing exactly what to expect initially, the sessions have been beneficial as am feeling lighter, have more clarity and happier in myself, all leading to greater self-confidence. Margaret is professional, sincere, non-judgmental and intuitive in her guidance within the sessions, and her desire to help makes it a very supportive and nurturing experience."

Deidre O'Kelly
Health Consultant

"Margaret, I have been pleasantly surprised with the improvement that I have felt since commencing MAP consultations with you. I have seen 2 psychologists over the years and, even though I have had several sessions and been given ideas and strategies to try, I don’t feel that they have made the improvements in my life that I have been searching for. I can’t explain in words the benefit I feel after your help, but I have less flashbacks and I feel lighter within myself. I feel like I am moving forward with my life."

Lisa Jurkowski
Office Administrator

"I just love MAP so much! It is the best process in the world!!!! Margaret is an awesome facilitator – everything is cleared with total ease and flow. I would recommend MAP to anyone – it has helps me professionally and personally. Thanks Margaret!"

Jennifer Segail
CEO and Founder - Down to Earth Devotion

"Hi Margaret, I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support. You have made a huge impact in my life over, what is really, just a few short MAP sessions. I have a strong sense of direction and self love and well being, and feel a powerful sense of purpose as a direct result of our time together. Thank you. Your efforts are truly appreciated."

Ian Segail
Strategic Sales Coach

"I feel like Margaret understood my situation. The questions she asked led me to a deeper understanding of what I wanted and I physically felt the process of clearing and transformation with MAP. By the end, I felt very peaceful and unified. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. "

Patty Garland

"Margaret offers a safe and secure healing space in her MAP sessions. She guides you to explore the conscious and unconscious mind in a gentle and encouraging manner. Negative thoughts/beliefs are cleared very efficiently. Margaret's approach is warm and open-minded. I highly recommend Margaret."


"I would recommend MAP sessions to anyone who is having problems moving forward with their lives and want to see themselves in a different light. For me it was seeing my pain and thought patterns differently and untangling the pair. I have found myself more comfortable in my own skin and a lot calmer and open to opportunities."

Michael Leverett
Secondary Science Teacher

""Margaret, this is my favourite thing that I do each week. I love being coached by you using MAP.  You are a very gifted woman.  I am looking forward to next week's session already!" "

Diana Stalteri
General Manager

"I would like to make a statement about my MAP experience with Margaret Allan. I have completed 16 sessions with Margaret and found them life changing. The issues I brought to the sessions have been neutralized and they are permanently gone. It's an amazing process I went through! Life changing! The memories are there but the emotional charge is absent now, completely gone. Margaret's expertise as a MAP coach over the 2 years I have worked with her has really sharpened and was really obvious to me. Hence, I have benefitted greatly from that. Her knowledge and skill set is fantastic. No issue is too difficult to tackle and resolve. I highly recommend Margaret to anyone that is looking for a really great MAP practitioner experience. You won't regret it. Many thanks Margaret."

Terry Keating
Palliative Care Social Worker

"I am in awe of the MAP Method! I felt an immediate shift in my state of being and my interaction with people in my life. Margaret was wonderful to work with, very personable and present, great listener and very generous with her time. It was amazing!"

Ola Domaradz

"I have found this whole experience nothing short of amazing and astoundingly incredible. And I am not being overly generous here with words. I am just so gob smacked at how MAP works and is so completely and thoroughly effective. Absolutely Extraordinary! Remarkable! Life Changing! Love It!"

Ancilla Fasiolo

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