A revolutionary program that will help you release emotional and physical weight. This one-year self-paced program uses MAP Sessions, MAP Subliminal, and MAP Exercises for the best experience and results. 

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A one-year self-paced program that includes the following:

★ Welcome section
 Instructions on how to use the program
 Daily routine (conscious work)
Exercises specially created for this program
 Subliminal MAP Sessions (unconscious work)
Instructions on how to use subliminal
Subliminal MAP Sessions - six different sounds
 MAP Sessions (conscious work - available after 7 days)
15+ recorded MAP Sessions
 Hidden Treasure (conscious work - available after 15 days)
Extra MAP Sessions, mini MAP Subliminal and conscious exercises will be added during the six months
The possibility of adding private or group sessions for accountability for a discount price


Fantastic stories from the previous cycles of Weight Release Research


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Watch the MAP Workshop that explains how we hold emotional and physical weight. You will also experience a group MAP Session on Feeling stuck and get a coupon with 20% off!

Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers you need about the Intro MAP Workshop regarding emotional and physical weight and how to sign up.