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Rochelle Weir

Certified MAP Practitioner 

Inner Circle Member

  • Motivating Women

  • Women Empowerment

  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • Life and Business coach
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Why Choose Rochelle?

Rochelle believes you can have the life you truly desire even if you have no idea what it even looks like yet!

Do you want to uncover and break through fears, beliefs and barriers that hold you back?

Are you fed up with not living the life you truly desire?

Would you like more clarity in knowing what you want in life and how to create strong clear goals for your future?

Are you wanting serious change?

Would you love to feel more happier and balanced in both your personal and professional life?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to one or more of these questions, I can hand on heart tell you I’ve been there too and I know how frustrating it is when you feel super stuck. The great news it doesn’t have to stay that way! In my own major self discovery and for those I coach, I have gathered an abundance of key tools and strategies that - alongside Map - will support you in breaking through whats holding you back.  Launching you forward to an exciting and compelling future. Your Future!

I want to help you move past where you ever thought you could be in life.

I want you to have a phenomenal life where you are so proud of yourself,  stepping out and making big things happen!

It's with pure love and passion that I have a special introductory offer, each month I give away four FREE sessions.  So connect with me now to claim yours!

I really look forward to connecting with you soon!


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Owned a successful Hair Salon for 11 years

Qualified hairdresser

Founder of Motivating Women

About Rochelle:

Hi my name is Rochelle Weir,

I hold a deep passion in helping people like yourself, uncover and break through fears, beliefs and barriers that prevent you from living the balanced and happy life you truly desire and deserve!

After owning a successful Hair Salon - rated in the top 2% in the country - for over 11 years, my love of service to others grew to the direction of coaching and mentoring Hair and Beauty Salon owners in both New Zealand and Australia.

From there Motivating Women was born.

For the last four years I have been dedicated to this and as a professional life coach, mentor, magazine contributor and Map practitioner I have successfully empowered a number of women to attract more pleasure and less pain in their life. Building courage to step out of their comfort zone and live their life to its fullest potential. Taking them from confusion to clarity, from fear to fearless and reaching both professional and personal life time goals they once felt were unachievable.

I am so inspired to help support people in their success and what lights me up the most about being a Map Practitioner is it’s key ability to unlock major barriers quickly and with ease. Although I specialize in working mainly with women, I love that Map is so versatile, I have also had the pleasure of working with many children and men.

I want you to have a phenomenal life and I honestly believe that with the guidance of Map you can have the life you truly desire!

Wishing you the life of your dreams!

Rochelle  xox

Hire Me!


Introductory Session

If you would like just a little taste of how Map can change your life! Then this intro session is for YOU!

NZD $150 or USD $106 per session
One Hour Session

Basic Discovery

Do you want more in your life but are unsure of where to even start?

Become Unstoppable!
The Basic Discover Package is for those who need support in getting focused towards living the life they truly desire. 

NZD $450/USD $318
Three 1 hour M.A.P sessions and One Strategy call.

Imagine being 100% clear on what YOU want and where you're going! 

This Online 12 week program is designed for you to have for more Confidence, less Concerns and a massive amount of Clarity!

NZD $1597 or USD $1137

- weekly emails containing step 
by step tools and strategies.
- weekly online accountability.
- Three 1-hour MAP sessions.
- Two 30-minute one on one strategy calls with Rochelle.

Written Reviews Of Rochelle's Work

"To say that MAP has changed my life is an understatement. I struggled with flight phobia for many years. I have to visit doctors who gave muscle relaxing pills or practitioners with other treatment methods before my flight. All these various treatment are time consuming, expensive and unsuccessful. Thanks to Rochelle Weir who use MAP and helped me overcome this daunting phobia. Two sessions was all I needed and I flew to Korea with ease. I was so amazed by the results. Thank you Rochelle."

Mary Ng
Founder of Defining Your Blueprint

"Sometimes I felt like I would have days where my daughter understood our conversations and others none. It was like hitting a wall. We kept going back and forth over the same situations and as a parent it was getting frustrating and I was loosing faith in any progress. With MAP it was like a few doors unlocked and things with Ella started setting in. She was achieving goals and reduced attaching pain to tasks. When the frontal lobe does not connect, MAP is great at sorting out the rest."

Erin Whale

"Talking with Rochelle was like having that older sister I could talk to. Map at first was weird and I was not sure what to do, but by the second one it was so easy because Rochelle would talk and I listened. It helped lots with things like school, friends and making decisions."

Ella Whale

What Rochelle's Clients Have To Say About Her


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