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Shanthi Nadesalingam

Certified MAP Practitioner 
Active Inner Circle Member

  • Physical Health and Wellness
  • Mental and Emotional Wellness
  • Chakra Healing
  • Art and Soul of Public Speaking For Women
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Why Choose Shanthi?

Shanthi is intensely committed to guiding woman who are equally ready, willing and committed to finding a breakthrough from their current experience; and finding their turning point so that they can start living their lives with more satisfaction and less pain.

Shanthi’s mission and commitment is to empower women to start living a life free from pain and suffering, move forward from the Stuck-Cycle to the Freedom-Cycle and start thriving through life! As a WomanSpeak Leader, she leads WomanSpeak Circles that provide a safe and supportive space for woman to develop as confident public speakers.

Through strategic intervention, Shanthi has empowered numerous clients to heal and recover from the past, replace and restore their believe and trust in themselves and start creating their lives from the inside-out by using their personal experience and tapping into their inner wisdom for guidance. Whether it is through individual or group coaching, she has helped her clients find STABILITY in every area of their lives, a multi-dimensional quality that impacts our entire structure, our physiology, our emotions, our thoughts, our behavior and all of our relationships.

If you are looking for a proven professional who can guide you to address anxiety, depression, mental and emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck in your current situation, you’ve come to the right place!

Schedule a call with Shanthi by clicking on the link if you are 100% committed in your success: FREE 30-Minute “Breakthrough Clarity”   No pressure and for FREE we will work as a team to: 

  1. Discover your current stressors.
  2. Clarify your emotional well-being goals.
  3. Identify strategies truly needed for you to get the results you’re looking for
  4. Discuss possible coaching packages to meet your needs 

Sounds good?  

If so, let’s get started and book the call now!  FREE 30-minute “Breakthrough Clarity” call. 


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Akashic Healing
Yoga Instructor (500 Hrs)
Medical Qi-Gong
Licensed Financial Educator
YB12 Coach

About Shanthi:

My path to become an Infinite Possibilities Coach became clear when I found my breakthrough after my traumatic experience of losing a ten-year relationship, eighteen-year career and my mom all within a nine-month period.  Besides teaching and practicing Yoga/Medical Qigong on a daily, and consistent basis with persistence, MAP on the Go (MOG) was my “go to” tool in my Tool Box of Life to release recurring emotional triggers, replace disempowering belief systems with more empowering ones and align myself with my goals and desires in life.  This was my turning-point and the birth to my signature product “Your Journey to Self-Discovery – 5 Steps to Healing”.

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Products From Shanthi

Yoga/Qigong Sessions

Looking for an innovative solution to reducing health care expenses, relieving workplace stress, promoting well-being and reducing turnover? Look no further.

WomenSpeak Coaching

Imagine a safe and supportive environment for women to express their authentic self, regardless of their circumstances or their audience to become confident public speakers. 

Emotional Wellness Coaching

Having trouble getting and staying happy? The emotional wellness coaching program is meant to create profound shifts in how you deal with your day to day life. 

What People Have To Say About Shanthi's Work

"Shanthi’s sessions are a delight to experience. She is kind, thoughtful and respectful, and here sessions are both gentle and powerful at the same time. Shanthi uses all her skills and wisdom to clear away emotional concerns or memories that are holding you back, and she leaves you feeling calm and comfortable. This is a great way to neutralize the past and connect with the future you desire. I have had several session with Shanthi and each one has been different and has tapped into another area to be healed and cleared. It is an honor to work with her in this way!"

Business Owner

"Shanthi is a beautiful, gentle, and loving soul. She puts love into everything she does. Having MAP sessions with her has transformed my life on many various levels. I am very grateful for who Shanthi is and what she does."

Candi-Lin Robertson
Energy Healer

"I have struggled with receiving money for years to the point that I would reject what actually belongs to me. Shanthi worked with me to transform that thinking. For the first time I felt at peace to take action and accept abundance. Within two weeks of working with her I received hard cash and a check that I would have otherwise foregone. This is truly epic! Shanthi has beautiful energy and a wealth of experience to help anyone who needs to overcome blockages in their life."

Business Owner

"I have recently been through two sessions with Shanthi. She is patient, understanding, and very insightful. She was able to help me express and define my feelings and thoughts so that we could work on them together. By the end of both sessions I have felt waves of release happening in my soul and my body. I highly recommend her for any memories and emotions that you need have flow out of you."


"Shanthi has shared amazing MAP sessions with me her in her journey with MAP certification program for over 6 months. She offers a rare combination of healing presence expert knowledge of mind body issues and business experience oriented to increase insight and trust in myself and my intuition. She is compassionate and great fun to work, very sensitive when dealing with the deep heavy stuff. I had the honor of attending some of her trainings and classes which inspired me to define and visualize big dreams. She has magical skills unlocking the keys to empowering me to take baby steps and big leaps that I am forever grateful for as I grow my business and create new relationships. Thank you Shanthi for guiding me to make significant changes in my life so much easier with so much joy."

Life Coach

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