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The Science of MAP


The Science of MAP will show you what is MAP, how can we use it and what happens to our brain during a MAP session. 

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The Science behind MAP

The MAP System was developed to help people recognize the power they hold within, to quickly and effectively change their thoughts, feelings and beliefs. In this welcome video you will find out what is MAP and what to expect further.


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What is the re-consolidation process?

Re-consolidation is the action of reactivating existing memories from the past. Initially memory consists of the consolidation of information absorbed by the senses. Re-consolidation refers to the retrieval of memories in response to a memory trace. This is how and why we can recover memories from long ago or about topics that you haven't thought about in a long time.


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The three steps of re-consolidation

The science found that we have three basic steps to unwire our brain. With these steps you can witness magic in process.


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How MAP uses these three steps...

In this video you can find out more about other steps, along with the basic ones, that are important when using MAP.


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So what happens next?

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