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The MAP Coaching Foundation Program utilizes the most effective method for personal development
and contains an extraordinary amount of support! 

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The MAP Coaching Foundation Program Includes:

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Weekly LIVE Group Classes

  • Step 1: Magnify your dreams -  CLARIFY your goals  
    - Private Success & Accountability Guide
    - Magnify Fb live with Colette  
  • Step 2: MAP Sessions - CLEAR the Subconscious Sabotaging Pattern
    Download Discovery Sheets
    - MAP Sessions with our Senior MAP Certified Coaches;
    - Dreams to Reality -Align to your goals of the week
  • Step 3: Magnetize - CREATE  new neuropathways
    New Thoughts + New Actions = New Results
    -  Magnetizations Sessions 
    -  Magnetizing Abundance with Colette

    Easy 1 1 1 Plan: Begin with 1 MAP session/week, then add 1 Magnetization and 1 Magnifying session
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Bonuses every month:

  • Private Facebook Community
  • New Colette's Guided meditations including MAP Sessions, and Magnetizations. 
  • “MAP on the Go” Introductory class Learn to give yourself an instruction anytime anywhere.
  • Online University  Recording of Every LIVE SESSION + Training on the MAP Method(TM)...
  • and more...

MAP Coaching Program - Schedule For Weekly Events

Around 43 new uploaded recordings every month!

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Start Your New Life Today

The MAP Coaching Program, using the MAP Method™, 
is designed to retrain your brain for happiness!

Become more focused, more clear and more creative.

Join The MAP Coaching Foundation Program

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