$989.00 USD

Since this offer is available after experiencing the FREE Body Preview program and custom-made, there is NO refund available.

The MAP Method ™, MAP Coaching Programs, and When your body says YES are designed for educational purposes and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease or mental condition.

The MAP Method ™ is NOT counseling or therapy of any kind.  It is an application of a Mindset Algorithm used for coaching and well-being. NO ONE is advised to avoid or discontinue medical or psychological consultations or current treatment.

We may, at our discretion, choose to refer potential students to a licensed mental health care provider who is also trained in the MAP Methodology. In registering for this coaching program, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand, and agree to this disclosure and, therefore, that informed consent has been established.

MAP Session Subliminal Recording - Customized

Customized MAP Subliminal is a recording based on your needs and preferences. It is 100% custom-made and done only with the MAP Method. One subliminal contains four to five hours of MAP Sessions hidden below your preferred sound. You can not hear my voice, but your unconscious and SuperConscious can.

Since our unconscious mind is much faster than the conscious mind, it can take a more significant amount of information and process it quickly. Another benefit of MAP Subliminal is that by not hearing my voice, you do not include your conscious and logical mind; you do not resist, which allows your SC to work without any blocks on the road. Your brain is being rewired in a fast but gentle way without being traumatized all over again. Once created, it is yours to download on any device and use forever. You can listen to it while doing Daily chores, studying, reading, jogging, or sleeping; there are almost no limits on when you can listen to it!

It is scientifically proven that subliminal can help individuals calm their nervous system and rewire the brain. Combining it with MAP makes it a perfect match to go even further and more profound.

Since MAP Subliminal replaces four to five hours of regular sessions, the math is unmistakable; if you listen to it for 30 days at least once per day, the equivalent of sessions received in a month is about 120-150 regular sessions!

Most single sessions are charged from $150-250, so even at first the cost seems high, the Customized MAP Subliminal is a no-brainer as it saves you money and time and is so effective and fast.