NeuroReShape - 7-day Preview


FREE Preview with 7-day access, including the following:

Recorded MAP Workshop

  • Introduction to MAP and how it can help with the emotional and physical weight with real stories

  •  group MAP Session

  •  Q&A

Daily Exercises

  • Reconnection with your body - Body Scan Meditation
  • Recognizing patterns
  • Creating SMART Goals
  • Self-care - using MAP On The Go Exercise 

Subliminal MAP Sessions

  • Instructions on how to use subliminal
  • Subliminal recording - Healing meditative sound
  • Subliminal recording - Beach sound
  • Subliminal recording - Workout sound

Conscious MAP Sessions

  • Healing relationship with yourself
  • The biggest challenge regarding my weight
  • Gaol-oriented Gift session

What is next?

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** Please note that you can sign up for the free trial only once and once you do, it will expire in seven days **

What People Are Saying:

Today I woke up 6lbs lighter!🙏🙏🙏 The past 2-3weeks was idle for me weight wise, but I knew that the daily subliminals and MAP sessions were having effect in the Higher realms and would eventually manifest in physical reality..and it did! 15lbs total to date!!😁😁😁


I am so thrilled to be here! I was only able to participate in part of previous round and still had fabulous results and still released 10lbs! Ready to release it all!


I am pretty sure I have lost approx 20-30 inches and 35 lbs total over the last 4 months!!!