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Cancer Trauma Relief Program (monthly instalments)

Join Dr. Noushin Izadifar Hart, Oncologist, and Colette Streicher, Psychotherapist and founder of the MAP Method in this unique experience. It will be a therapeutic journey that we will take together. one that will lead you to a more harmonious and peaceful place.


During this twelve-week program, we will be focusing on the traumas associated with the diagnosis of cancer. We will use MAP Method (TM) to systematically and chronologically remove the negative emotions associated with each step of your cancer journey. 

  • You will recall events from the moment you or your family member were given the bad news, the difficulty understanding medical jargon, the complexity of making a decision on what treatment to choose, dealing with the informed consents, the anticipation of side effects, and the actual experience of them.
  • We will deal with the issue of mortality of self and/or others, all the stages of grief (shock, denial, bargaining, anger, guilt, depression) and loss of control, and facing the fact that things did not go the way you anticipated them to be.
  • We will focus on the financial issues resulting from your diagnosis, dealing with insurance companies, co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses, potential loss of job, disability, and any other related issues.
  • We will deal with body image issues as a result of loss of an organ (e.g. mastectomy, hair loss, nail loss, eyebrow loss), or loss of function (e.g. impotence, incontinence, amputation). 
  • We will focus on the disruption of your plans, and how your diagnosis might have disrupted the plans of your family members because you were either occupied by your lengthy treatments or were no longer able to do the things you could previously do
  • We will deal with how the diagnosis affected the entire family dynamic, relationships, and how it brought up the childhood and/or adulthood traumas. We would focus on survivor’s guilt, and you and your family members trying to protect each other.
  • We will focus on your feelings at the end of your treatments fears associated with the tests and the anticipation for their results, your follow-up visits with your doctors, and fear of cancer coming back, developing another cancer, and/or concerns for the permanent side effects of your treatments.
  • We will conclude by helping you accept the new you, your new life, and giving up the idea that things should have been different. By doing so, we invite you to open yourself to the infinite possibilities in the quantum field, resulting in the co-creation of health and anything else you desire. 

    Please note that this program is available one year after the purchase.