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Mini Subliminal MAP Session For Your Pets ♥️

This Mini Subliminal MAP Session will help your pet to relax and to release any anxiety, fear, or nervousness.

It will relax their nervous system and help them feel more comfortable with fireworks or people (holiday anxiety).
It will also work on any trauma they may carry. 

You don't have to do anything special, other than play it for your pet(s). You can play it as much as you want to. Don't worry, if they are not comfortable receiving the session, their SC will stop the process in a gentle and safe way.

Once you have purchased the offer, you will receive an email with the link to download the subliminal to any of your devices. Once you have purchased it, it is yours to keep. 

Hope it will serve your little friends.

What People Are Saying:

Love this and seems like my cat Chester did too🙏❤


Its great!! My two german shepherds are wired non-stop. This helps them to calm down :)


Jelena, thank you so much for this! When we were walking my dog on NYE, there were fireworks right there and he got sooo scared, he was screaming in fear... He'd been refusing to walk in that place ever since then. I played this for him twice yesterday and this morning he was his usual happy self on our walk!! It's amazing how fast it worked for him! He seems to enjoy listening to it as well. Thank you! ♥️