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Gloria Lechky

Certified MAP Practitioner 
Relationship Mastery As a Mediator
Conflict Coach

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  • Difficult Relationships

  • Marital Problems

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Low Self-Confidence and Self–Esteem

  • Goal Setting

  • Magnetizing Your Desires

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Why Choose Gloria?

Gloria believes that if change is to happen in the world that all women must realize and claim their power. Women are all born leaders but through conditioning many have lost the ability to believe in themselves, and that they are good enough to become whatever they want and to achieve their deepest desires. Using the MAP Method and her skills as a Conflict Coach, Gloria will get to the underlying self-defeating beliefs that have held you back from believing in yourself and achieving and becoming all that you desire. She will help you improve all your relationships so that you will experience less stress, anxiety, depression, increased self-esteem and self-confidence, and move forward with a sense of personal power and independence. Gloria will take you on a journey to magnetizing your dreams and goals so that you can become the absolute best version of who you were meant to be. Please connect with her to find out more.


About Gloria

My name is Gloria Lechky and I am from Alberta, Canada. I have been helping professionals resolve their conflict in business and government and in their personal lives since 1998. I have worked with labor / management disputes and issues between co=workers, divorcing couples, parents and teens, and victims and offenders of crime.

One thing that was fairly obvious to me is that resolving a dispute between two or more people, without getting to the root of the emotional issues did not provide long-term sustainable solutions to the problem. I noticed this repeatedly – the resolution worked for a little while and then went right back to the old way.

Because of this experience I began a search of finding ways to help my clients on a different level and over several years found several programs that helped somewhat. When I discovered MAP last year, I immediately noticed a difference in my life. I was able to remove self-limiting beliefs that have held me back from achieving my dreams and goals. For years I had the belief that I was not good enough and have spent most of my adult life feeling like I was spinning my wheels. Despite my educational training, my experience working in a high-paying position in government, and all my skills, there was nothing that could convince me that I could have a successful life. I was unhappy, at times depressed and life for me was always a struggle.

After discovering MAP, I am now able to apply the techniques I learned at the MAP Coaching Institute and the results have been resounding. I am finally feeling inspired to move forward in my business and “good enough” to have a life full of joy and abundance. I am also using the tools with my clients to help neutralize and clear disempowering memories that keep them stuck. They have been receiving so much success in their lives, and I am absolutely certain that the MAP Method will work for you. Please contact me for more information on how MAP can work for you.


I wish you nothing but success and abundance in your life.


Much Love and Gratitude


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Chartered Mediator
Relationship Mastery Coach
Masters in Business Administration
Certificated MAP Practitioner

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Map Session

Clear all the barriers to getting what you want in every relationship in your life.

1 Session ( 90 min ) $129.00 CA ($99.00 USD)


MAP Session Bundle

For lasting results, clear ALL barriers that stop you from achieving a perfect relationship with someone or something in your life.

4 Session Package ( 90 min each ) $475.00 CA ($365.00 USD)

6 Session Package ( 90 min each ) $675.00 CA ($510.00 USD)

Written Reviews Of Gloria's Work

"After our session I felt the best I have in months. I even ate a small amount and had no pain. I really felt calmness in my affected area that I haven’t felt in a long time and I was outwardly happy. Thanks so much for the extra work you did with me. What a great day…"

Louise L

"I've noticed a significant change. It is difficult to explain, but I'll try: Before our conversation, just the thought of "not being good enough" would generate more self-doubt and spiral me down to a place from which I couldn't see a way out. Since our session the thought of "not being good enough" still surfaces now and then but its impact on me has changed. If and when that thought comes to mind, the mindset with which I address those thoughts is different: I went from a place of no way out to a place of options and from a place of self-doubt to a place of confidence and acceptance of where I am on my journey. Even though our session targeted dealing with this problem for a specific event, I find it has also helped me in other areas where I had self-doubt. I don't know if that's the way it's supposed to work, but that's the way it works for me."

Debbie M

"Gloria prepares her clients fully before proceeding to Dispute Resolution. She builds rapport easily without portraying herself as an advocate, but a professional with intent to bring the parties to resolution. She is very aware of the emotions that surface during mediations and coaches her clients in how best to manage these emotions during the mediation process. Gloria had a very high success rate for the meditations she facilitated. Client comments applauded Gloria's professionalism and skills as a coach and a mediator…"

Kim E

"Gloria, you have no idea how much you have helped me and given to me with all your guidance, encouragement and especially with your true gift of releasing stuck emotions......honestly I feel lighter, more energetic and more hopeful than I ever have probably for the first time in my life!!!! I believe I WILL come out of this part of my life a better, happier, more content person....I have a confidence that I can do anything and overcome anything....of all the people in the WORLD you have given me the most."

Linda S

"I just wanted to thank you again for the Session and great information that you shared with me. I feel that it has helped me improve my skills and be a better individual, in so many ways. I was the second store to achieve top sales.. the other store beat me by $500. I am so proud and grateful. Nicholas sent out an email to all the stores to brag about my achievement. I have done more in sales so far in six months than the previous owner did in a year. The next message will be the announcement of our baby so exciting."

Alison K

"I loved getting a session from Gloria! She was so kind and patiently took me from feeling stressed and upset, to allowing the time and space needed for me to heal my subconscious mind. She added specific procedures to further clear the pain when needed. I loved Gloria’s session because I could feel how much she genuinely trusted the MAP procedure to allow me to feel better and have a good life ahead with more joy and less pain. Thanks Gloria!"

Carol T

"My experiences with Gloria and her facilitation of the MAP process have transformed my old patterns of overthinking, being fearful and overwhelmed into being calm, focused and having a peaceful and tranquil mind. The MAP process helps to disconnect from the past, old stories you tell yourself, and clear blocks in your life. The process itself is very calming and you don’t have to share personal details or relive the past. I could feel my mind and body relax and transform throughout my sessions. I felt at ease and my mind was immediately quiet after my sessions with Gloria Gloria is dedicated, passionate, caring, genuine, and exudes a beautiful energy. I’ve had numerous sessions with her, and the results are immediate and always beneficial. For someone who has been a notorious over thinker her whole life, this has been one method that has truly helped to quiet the negative chatter!"

Kristy K

"It really has been an amazing experience! This last week I have felt so much lighter! I’ve been able to get all my tasks done! I’ve been to the gym! I’ve given my house a really good cleaning!! It’s just been an amazing experience! When I start to feel sluggish, I try to remember “what has brought me to this point” and that seems to help snap me out of it.  Thank you so very much 💕"

Lynne L

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