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Helen Flitcroft

Certified MAP Practitioner
Active Inner Circle Member

  • Marriage

  • Relationships for Entrepreneurs

  • High Performance Coaching

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Why Choose Coach?

I will believe in you and hold you to your greatness as a human being.

If you're an entrepreneur, I'm here to assist you in up-levelling your psychology, focus, habits and relationships so that you can move more swiftly towards the life experience you desire.

Get ready to make a dramatic difference in your business and relationships and book a free call with me today! 


About Helen:

Helen Flitcroft has a deep understanding of what it means to be constantly moving towards an ever-more exciting and authentic expression of SELF.

An Australian who now resides in New Plymouth, New Zealand. She is a trained chef, a driven entrepreneur,  MAP practitioner, committed wife and mother to two young children.

As well as being principal coach at Stellar Humans, Helen also runs a food and life education company called Cook Learn Love. She believes everyone should have access to the knowledge and resources which bring about the enjoyment of good food and a great life.

Helen particularly loves to work with ambitious, heart-centred entrepreneurs and professionals by focusing on...

  • Authentic self-expression.
  • Smart strategic mindset and mindset adjustment.
  • Relationships.
  • Personal Influence and Effectiveness.

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14 Years working in French Fine Dining Restaurants including as Head Chef of the iconic Bistro Felix in Perth, Australia.

Established and continues to operate a food and life education business Cook Learn Love.

Entrepreneurial creative type (still) married to an excellent Engineer.
Mother of two children.

Graduate 2015 Legacy Leadership Program (Taranaki, New Zealand).



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Single Session

We will do a session that is designed to get results, period. Single sessions can be in person or online. Start moving towards the life you desire in just 90 minutes.

$250 USD (60-90minutes)

3 Month Personal Coaching Package

If you are committed to taking significant strides towards the life experience you desire and I am here to joyfully assist you. By working with me for 90 days we will have the opportunity to work deeply within your conscious and unconscious psychology to establish much positive change which will serve you for life.

$2700 USD (12 Single Sessions)

Good Food, Great Life. Community Coaching

This is an online community for those who believe a great life is multi-faceted. You will have access to on-line cooking tuition, support in gaining access to local, artisan and organic produce in your area, live life and relationship coaching group sessions, inspiration and motivation, exclusive discounts on all my products plus Q&A with myself or other trained colleagues. A portion of your membership also goes directly towards supporting other global and local initatives which are making positive change in the lives of others. My aim is to provide so much value in this community that it is a complete no-brainer for you and I look forward to connecting with you there!

$8 USD/month (Q&A Sessions)

What clients have to say about Helen's work

Written reviews about Helen's work

"My very first MAP session with Helen allowed me to start leaving unnecessary drama, baggage and grudges behind me. I've since accepted the true power within as well as in others, and am able to express gratitude for the natural gifts and talents we all share. Doors have always opened up for me, but I would often miss the signs until it was too late. These days I'm not only aware of any opportunities presented, I'm willing to pursue them without a second thought. My understanding of peace, love, energy and the importance of balance has grown in leaps and bounds for a combination of reasons. I believe that MAP sessions have played an integral part in this. MAP sessions have been the key to unlocking my full potential."

Owner, Pole For The Soul

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