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MAP Method™ is the foundation of premium coaching and therapeutic businesses all around the world!

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The MAP Method™ is the first coaching system built exclusively for skilled therapists, experienced coaches, and energy workers.

Leverages Neuroscience in Every Session

Are you tired of trying to explain how your process works to create change within your clients? We have done the research for you and our process is based strongly on the reconsolidation of memories process that is commonly proven in the scientific community. 

Simple, Fast and Systemized Method

You will experience total flow and ease when you learn and use the MAP Method™. Overthinking and worrying about what process to do next with your clients will seem like a thing of the past when you have the MAP Protocol to follow.


The Complete Package for Professionals

The MAP Method™ was created by experienced therapists who have done it all, for professionals who have done it all.

Just imagine having a method to use that is mind-blowingly powerful and also allows you to incorporate all of your other training into one seamless process.  Finally, everything you need to create the results your clients desire.


We are committed to building positive brains and creating a more positive planet!


The MAP Method™ can help you in three specific facets of your practice.

Be At Your Best

MAP Method™ is perfect for personal development.
It is not only a fast and easy method to use but it is respectful and allows you to go through the process smoothly without the need of getting stuck and reacting to the same things over and over again. 

Leverage Your Energy

MAP Method™ is an effective tool to help others. Since it is so effective it ends up being very enjoyable for the practitioner as well as the client. You have access to a protocol that gives you step by step guidelines and encourages you to address subjects in different ways to access the unconscious so that you can help your clients find what is truly blocking them. 

Expand Your Business

When creating a building, the deeper you set the foundations, the higher you will be able to build.
The MAP Method™ is the foundation you need for your beautiful, heart-centered business. It is very versatile and can be used with clients in live or recorded sessions, in-person and online, 1 on 1 or in groups. 

"Whatever you are up to in your coaching or personal development, there is a level of MAP that can support that path."

Robin Mack
Sports Massage Therapist

"After the MAP Certification training you have a complete MAP tool set, and the confidence to use it. I feel like I can handle anything! "

Anne Uwabor
Senior Manager

"To say that it has transformed my world is an understatement! I look forward to using MAP to help others be free of their internal shackles so they can THRIVE and become the best version of themselves."

Shaen Yeo
Positive Psychology Coach

"As a client working with Colette it changed my life. Now as a Certified MAP Practitioner, not only has MAP continued to enhance my life, but my family, friends, and client’s quality of life as well. The impact has been amazing! Best decision I made in years."

Kristi Janczak
School Teacher

"MAP is innovative, simple to learn, and will challenge you to grow and do your best. The training is one of the most dramatically liberating endeavors I have done in my life and now the MAP system provides the best transformational experience possible for my clients."

Vicki Sherman

"MAP is an evolutionary process that masterfully integrates the various and multiple bodies of knowledge and consciousness technology that I have studied for 35 years and applied in Clinical Practice for 20+ years."

Cathrine Noel
Licensed Nutritionist

"This was by far one of the most incredible courses I have ever taken! And I have taken hundreds of courses over the years, It’s been an amazing experience because, It broadens your concept of what is possible in working with clients, It provides so much information that you can draw upon when working with someone, And you can personalize it, run with it and incorporate it into what you are already doing as an amazing practitioner, doctor, or therapist. Whatever it is that you’re doing out there in the field, this course will take it and make it better! I highly recommend the course for any practitioner that wants to truly make a difference in people’s lives."

Kieran Kurkendahl
Doctor & Adventure Coach

"I have found the method I’ve been searching for for over 20 years. I wanted something to help my clients release past baggage and move forward in their lives easily and painlessly and that is exactly what they get with MAP!"

Anne Cullen
Parenting Expert

"In all my years of personal development I had not come accross a process as powerful as MAP. I loved being a client of MAP and I loved learning MAP! Val is an excellent teacher and the training was fun as well as thorough. I feel very fortunate to have gone through the program and I'm blown away by the results my clients are having after only a few sessions with me."

Helen Flitcroft
Master Coach

"To say that MAP has changed my life is an understatement!  I struggled with a flight phobia for many years. I sought various treatment, without success. It was through a fellow course mate’s help, with what we had learned in the MAP Certification Training that helped me overcome this phobia."

Mary NG
Master Coach

"From my first introduction to MAP, I was hooked! I experienced a shift from the initial consultation and was astounded at the simplicity and certainty of this process. Becoming a MAP Practitioner has enabled me to support my clients in a deeper, broader and more meaningful way. This has created a ‘one-stop shop’ for my clients which is extremely beneficial."

Margarette Allen

"I find the process to be very powerful and quick, far beyond other modalities that I also practice yet now moving forward will use MAP as it really does encompass most of them. The theory of other modalities helps me in using MAP but I really love the process. Thank you🙏"

Angela Young
Alternative and Holistic Practitioner

"With my clients I switched to only using the MAP System now!"

Dorota Niedziela

"MAP has not only become part of how I help clients, it's become a way I can treat myself every morning. The MAP sessions also take a lot less out of me so I'm able to offer a lot more sessions in a week than I could in the past. Most of my clients have absolutely loved MAP!"

Dana da Ponte
Professional Intuitive

"I use MAP with clients and the results have been fast and profound. My confidence in what I do has grown and it gives me a 'go to' structure for any situation. It allows me to be comfortable and present, regardless of the emotional state of the client - which ultimately helps them too."

Liz Timothy-White
Profession Coach

"Prior to enrolling in the MAP program, I had a successful coaching practice but I always felt that I fell just short of being able to help my clients with some of the stickier and more troubling patterns or fears they faced. When I discovered MAP, it aligned with everything I had learned about the science of change and I was excited that this process would be the missing piece to my practice. It has! My clients and I are now having breakthroughs more quickly than I ever imagined and I am completely restructuring my practice. I am thrilled and grateful."

Adina Laver
Master Coach

"I enjoyed MAP as it provides another way that is more gentle to treat my clients with trauma other than EMDR."

Dora Henderson
LMHC and Registered Play Therapist at A Safe Space Counseling LLC

"MAP expanded my belief about what's possible to "accomplish" in terms of healing and personal development. Professionally I was in a good place: I've had decades of training including a PhD in Clinical Psychology, certified healing science practitioner from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, certified life coach in several programs, energy healing training. "

Anne Uemura
Former Clinical Psychologist / Spiritual Coach

"MAP has really met all of my expectations, and even more! I now have a very valuable tool to complete my knowledge and skills to offer the world."

Annie Schaeffer
Psychotherapist, Coach and Trainer

"MAP is goes so much further! It is easy to learn the basics and it relies on neurosciences."

Dominique Heitz
Palliative care Specialist MD, Hypnosis, Pain Specialist

"I found the process to be gentle, versatile and able to meet a multitude of contexts. The process brings positivity and wellness, of which I am a huge proponent. I am quite confident and comfortable with the process."

Meenal Galal
Emergency Medicine Physician

"I was Looking for the missing piece to my jigsaw, I could help many people but always felt there was another piece to truly help them. MAP is so unique, cutting edge and thought provoking, as it answered many questions at a deep level of learning. I finaly feel complete! No more training required!!"

Suzanne Bond
Lead Clinical Therapist & Owner of The Mind and Body Clinic

"MAP has naturally become so much of my life. my mission."

Kim Simons
Job Title

Join the hundreds of other therapists, coaches, energy workers and health care professionals who have used the MAP Method™ to help over 5,000 clients worldwide in dozens of different specialties and different languages.

The number of people using the MAP Method™ continues to grow each year and so does the number of people who have experienced relief from suffering. You can be one of them!

Learn more about how we do a session and the neuroscience behind the method so you can have an opportunity to experience it for yourself. 

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