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Helena Dellarosa

Certified MAP Practitioner
Active Inner Circle Member

  • Business and Life Strategy
  • Peak Performance
  • Money Mindset
  • Past Emotional or Physical Trauma
  • Health and Wellness
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Why Choose Helena?

Helena is Scottish and resides in Scotland in the United Kingdom.

She has a Health and Wellness business, is a member of the Intelligent Millionaires Network, a driven entrepreneur and committed mother to her son.

She has acted in film and television programmes beside actors like Ewan McGregor and Dr Who's David Tennant and worked production in shows like Simon Cowells Britains Got Talent. Helena has also worked in event security looking after musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Kings of Leon, Katy Perry and Motorhead.

Due to Helena's wealth of experience in working in these industries and having a deep understanding of what it means to be entrepreneurial she saw first hand the emotional trauma's, blocks and beliefs that hindered people from breaking through to the next level in their business, career and life.

Once Helena discovered MAP and knew this method worked to help neutralize limiting blocks and beliefs in their business and life, Helena has pure joy in seeing others breaking through their barriers and living the life of their dreams.


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MA of Arts

HND Communications

NC Social Sciences

Worked with BBC Television

Acted in a multitude of films

About Helena:

Helena is a MAP Practitioner and Health and Wellness business owner. She studied an MA of Arts at the University of Glasgow and worked for TV companies like the BBC and Britain's Got Talent. She also had an extensive career working in event security travelling the UK securing artists like Madonna, Coldplay, Calvin Harris, Kings of Leon, Katy Perry, Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC and the Diamond Queen Jubilee. 

Even though working in the fast paced environment of the television and events industry was exciting and challenging, healing has always been her greatest passion.

Being a MAP Practitioner is a new innovation in the field of psychology and peak performance and is an honour to Helena. Healing people's traumas, removing their blocks and beliefs so that they can be the ultimate best version of themselves, take action and live the life of their dreams is where Helena and her clients thrive.

She now devotes her work full-time to her MAP Practitioner business and Health and Wellness business. In her free time, Helena loves to spend this completely devoted to her family.

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Clarity Call

Clarity Calls are designed to help you offload your thoughts and feelings around a certain area and draw upon the right answer and outcome for you. These Clarity Calls are more spiritually led and are an hour at a time, however you are welcome to speak with me for as long as is needed.

Price: £45
1 hour call

Single MAP Session

In this session we neutralise any past emotional or physical traumas or triggers, limiting beliefs or blocks.

Price: £150
1-2hrs Single MAP Session 

Coaching Package

In these sessions we dig deep and get to the root of any emotional traumas, limiting beliefs or blocks as issues that arise then start coming off in layers and we work together weekly to neutralize them.

Price: £600
One Session A Week For 4 Weeks.

Written Reviews Of Helena's Work

"Helena opened my eyes to a whole world of endless possibilities. She's shown me how I can achieve something I've fought against my entire life - how to feel good about myself. She is so full of wisdom...empathy and her insight into the situations she has coached me on has shown me how to take a completely different, far more positive perspective on the actions of both others, and myself. With Helena alongside me, I absolutely feel that anything I wanted to achieve with my career and my personal life is possible and I owe this feeling of empowerment entirely to how she coaches and counsels anything I feel I need her help with."

Lewis Thomson
Health and Wellness Business Owner

"Thanks Helena Devaney for the MAP session 2 weeks ago. It really helps me progress with my relationship and I realised that I am a magnet to positive people. I am very grateful that I am a little bit more awake because of our session. Thank you! "

Anne-Marie Lestic
Local President at Junior Chamber International

"Helena has this beautiful energy about her.Everything she says and does makes me feel safe and I know that everything about her comes from a place of feeling and never ego. Helena is a true empath and someone who just knows how to treat you ina way that will help support your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. I have placed my faith in Helena and in return, I have received a therapy that has had a profound impact on my wellbeing. And in addition, Helena has since become my coach and her sessions are always spot on! She guides me in a way that always makes sense and since placing my trust in her wisdom, my life has been changing for the better. Whether you are looking to find inner peace, clarity, guidance or to heal some sort of trauma, I would highly recommend working with Helena. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Thankyou Helena for saving me at a time when I didn't know how to save myself."

Suzie Parkus
PR Media Specialist

"I cannot thank you enough for the incredible work we are doing together! Anyone interested in changing their life once and for all- book a call with Helena! You won't believe how your life can change."

Shari B Teigman
Change Instigator, Coach and Creative Business Strategist

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