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Mary Ng

Certified MAP Practitioner

Co-Founder of MAP Coaching Asia

Founder Of Defining Your Blueprint

Inner Circle Member

  • Accelerate Your Success Blueprint 
  • Wealth Building
  • Positive Mindset Coaching
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Why Choose Mary?

Fighting cancer taught me that life is finite and how to live it wisely and purposefully. Since we’re only going to live once, why don’t we live it to win it?

Life’s battles do not always go to the strongest or the fastest, but one who equips him/herself with the right skill sets and tools to master in life. There will be setbacks and challenges in our individual lives. Question is, how do you overcome them and without fearing that these will impede your developmental growth and potential?

Take a minute to think. Where do you see yourself in the long-run? Where are you from the pursuit of your aspirations and dreams? Do you aspire to live a life of mundane or a life of difference-making? 

Your time is now. Seize your opportunity and see the guaranteed transformation in you! 


About Mary:

Mary was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. As a mother of 2 young children, profound heartache engraved on her pale face. Mary was on the brink of tears as she recollected times spent with her loved ones, especially her children. 

Soon after, Mary’s condition worsened and took a toll on her health. In early 2010, her primary oncologist broke news that her chance of recovery was very low, and she had to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Mary’s misery intensified, but she knew this was not how she wants her life to end. 

‘I have only one life to live, if I don’t live it to the best, will I regret? Yes. Although I’m grief-stricken by this condition, this shouldn’t be the way how my chapter closes. My time is limited, and I am going to make the best use of it from now.” 

Mary kept her faith and grit strong throughout this challenging time. It was also this period that Mary discovered the power of the human mind – ‘as a man thinketh in his heart, so will he become’.

Mary miraculously survived the cancer. No more cancer relapses for 7 years and counting. With this new lease of life and hope, Mary strongly desires to help coach others to look beyond their conditioning, frustration and bad experiences.  She listens, empowers and supports them by awakening the giant in them and igniting the fire of their dreams.

Mary is now a certified practitioner in Manifesting All Possibilities® (MAP). It is a revolutionary modality in the area of personal development. She has also been trained in a range of modalities, including Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy and Silva Method.  Currently, Mary uses the MAP to neutralize clients’ negative emotions from experiences and memories so that they  and be empowered to realize their dreams, goals and aspirations.

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Silva Ultramind Systems

Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

Certified Practitioner of NLP

Certified Practitioner of Timeline Therapy

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Private One on One MAP session

Phobias and negative past programming have caused us to live a discounted life. 

A breakthrough technique designed for you, MAP helps to effectively shift our disempowering thoughts about ourselves and the outer world, and heals your emotional and mental states. 

MAP also enables your conscious and sub-conscious mind to be re-calibrated for maximum potential for success. 

To find out more, book a10 minutes call with Mary at



Ethos of Wealth

Have you wonder why even when you work so hard for self or family, you have never achieved the financial success that you desire?   Or no matter how hard you try to save, you feel that your cash flow is not flowing?  These frustrations could be due to a lack of awareness, understanding, knowledge or guidance. 

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Unleash Your Possibilities

You know you can be a bigger YOU, a better YOU and a more successful YOU.

You have been to several seminars or have read numerous self-help books to help transform your life. However, you realized that your transformative result has been less than optimal for you. Do you feel that you are still stuck and cannot seem to see the changes you desire?

It is time to take charge of your time, and your life. Are you prepared to achieve what you aspire in life?

Get your 5 simple and doable steps to achieve your goals at

Written Reviews Of Mary's Work

"The MAP session really helped to effectively alleviate my phobia and positively rewire my thoughts. This is definitely a powerful method that awakens my subconscious mind for maximum potential. I highly encourage anyone who aspires to manifest your possibilities and unlock your inner potential to go for this!"

Jacqueline Ho
Executive Of a Company

"When I started out my entrepreneur business, I was skeptical about enrolling for the Ethos of Wealth course. During the course, I received sound and proper advices about my own finances and how to better manage my current financial portfolios. More than just wealth coaching, I was empowered to take charge of my inner state of mind to manage and accumulate money. It was definitely money well-spent! 
I would recommend this to individuals who want a coach to hold your hand and guide you in creating your ideal career, business or personal relationship, tackling the “sabotage” (your mind). The methods that Ethos of Wealth helps are just mind- blowing."

Ismeline Pang
Founder of Tada Meals

"Unleash Your (IM)Possibilities has awakened my awareness about me and my surroundings. It has also taught me how to better manage my time more effectively so that I can be more productive at work and socially I was well-equipped with the practical methodologies and techniques through the step-by-step coaching with Mary. Applying these strategies in my life, I can vividly witness my life transforming. Within a year, I was promoted twice and my salary rose by 40% .The tools and skill sets I gained in this course have transformed my thoughts habits and perspectives in life. Thanks to Unleash Your (IM)Possibilities program, I dare to dream and dare to achieve."

Daryl Lee
3D Generalist

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