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Ricki Brideoake

Certified MAP Coach


  • Helping Male business owners to achieve success in today’s market place
  • Re-programming your brain for peak performance
  • Busting men out of their comfort zone and pushing them to reach their potential
  • Showing males how to show up each day, not just at work but also at home and for yourself
  • Showing men how to have it all. The successful business as well as a bulletproof mindset, healthy body and balance with their family and loved ones
  • Blasting through any negative patterns, thoughts and beliefs from the past that are holding you back from achieving the success you deserve 
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Why Choose Ricki?

You see one of the greatest struggles that businessmen face in our modern day society, is the ability to generate a good income while still managing the rest of your life. Its one thing to make money but it’s another entirely to link that with showing up at home, as well as a healthy body and a rock solid mindset.

I had done everything society told me I should do up until 7 years ago, I had a degree from university, a high paying job, a wife, so why did it feel like the world was burning down around me. Why, when I came home from another 14 hour day at work did I have so much anger, so much pain, and this immense amount of rage inside me? I just didn’t know how to handle anything anymore. Why, with what seemed like an ideal life, was I ready to end it all, throw it all away?  

I was searching for a release from this, but I didn’t know how. I would go out and drink myself stupid, buy things with money, go on trips to escape, but I never could. These was always a beast lurking inside my own head, a dark shadow I couldn’t ever shake following me around.

You see when I reached rock bottom I came to a cross road, I was going to end it all or I was going find a way to fix everything in my life, to release the burdens I had been carrying around for so long. To tame the beast inside my own head.

I was one of the lucky ones, I chose the path to become the best version of myself I could possibly be. I made a promise to myself right then and there that I would do anything and everything it took for me to bust out of this darkness and to reach my full potential.

Fast forward to now and I have dedicated my life to becoming the best version of myself that I can. The beast inside my head now works with me not against me, he is right there alongside me and is my biggest supporter. Which has lead me to my life’s mission, my legacy on this earth, which is to find men that are working their ass off but feel like their trapped, and to show them the path to achieving everything they want it life.

So if you’re sick and tired of waking up every day and thinking what the hell has happened, how did you get here? If you sick and tired of carrying around a weight on your shoulders of all the shit that’s inside your own head, then get ready to step up and make a change.

I’m not talking about normal people and I’m not talking about men that don’t want to make stuff happen. I talking about guys like you and me who put in the work to make changes in their life.

So if this is you, if you want to join the brotherhood of fighters just like you who are all striving to up-level themselves across all areas of their life, then fill out the application and let’s get started.


About Ricki:

Ricki is the Head Performance Coach at the Ultimate Performance Academy (U.P.A). The U.P.A has been helping serious businessmen and entrepreneurs who are looking to massively up level not only their business, but all aspects of their life.

This isn’t the coach for half-hearted business owners or people who are content with being mediocre. Ricki has a no BS policy and there is no screwing around in his coaching. Accountability is a huge aspect of his coaching and he will hold you accountable with leadership and love the whole way through. But make no mistake there is no hiding in Ricki’s programs, he is results orientated and he will push you to reach your results with everything he has got.

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Director and Founder of Bully BBQ

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), First Class Honours

Director and Founder of The Ultimate Performance Academy

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Written Reviews Of Ricki's Work

"Ricki is Master Craftsman in Mindset Coaching with a No BS approach to getting results!! I have worked under his tutelage for approx 12 months in business and professional sports coaching. In that time my business has doubled in growth and also removed any challenges that would usually knock a business down! For athletic performance I know first hand how difficult it can be to keep focused and with his master coaching he has taken my performance to a whole other level!  Highly recommend!"

Luke Morris - Business Owner / Professional Athlete
Australian MMA Featherweight Champion

"Its literally changed my business already. I have a bunch of new clients already after following what you suggested!"


"I tried so many other tactics and they were all just a wast of my time and money. I did not think yours would work that well because it seemed too easy but it has given me great results! "


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