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Benedicte Haavardsholm

Educational Psychology, Social Work, MAP Practitioner
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Empowerment
  • Acceptance
  • Inner Peace
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A welcome message to you, from Benedicte!


Are you longing for a life of inner peace and self-love?

A life where the storms of thoughts and anxiety are keeping you stuck in pain-  let me guide you home to this place of peace within you!

A storm of thoughts can manifest itself in several ways.

Do you recognize some of these and are you tired of the cost it has on your life? 

  • Are you the type who often spends energy worrying about what other people think of you?
  • Do you have a strong inner critic who never fails to let you know what you should have said or done and didn't succeed in accomplishing?
  • Or do you have a tendency to imagine the worst case scenario, go on alert and think in terms of disaster prevention?
  • Or do you perhaps recognize that you often think so much about a problem that you end up drained of energy and paralyzed, incapable of making a decision and taking action?

If this is you, then I guess you also recognize this… 

  • The experience of thoughts constantly grinding in your head
  • Memory and concentration difficulties

  • Headache and inner turmoil

  • Fatigue and lack of energy

  • That you seldom experience feeling 100% present with your loved ones, bursting into spontaneous laughter purely by being you

It doesn't have to be like this and you've come to the right place-  I have the knowledge, capacity and experience of helping people like you, create a life of inner peace and self-love. 

The way I help you create these results is by guiding you through these 3 steps

1. Awareness is key

In this step we create awareness around the beliefs and thought patterns that keeps you stuck and is not serving you any more. You ultimately learn to make the work FOR you instead of AGAINST you

2. The frequency of the brain and heart is harmonized

The negative energy, tied up in the painful memories and beliefs that are the root of your overactive mind, transforms and heals. The result is mental energy and clarity that sets you free to move forward in joy

3. With Love ❤️ and attention you are invincible

You are (re)connected to who you long to be and the life you dream of creating. And you'll learn the mental techniques that will give you the ability to manifest this!

 So if you are excited by the thought of

💗getting to know and understand yourself better

💗becoming aware of your patterns and mental pitfalls and turn them into strengths 

💗make peace with all that you are

💗transform the accumulated energy that lies in painful memories into ease and acceptance

💗and consciously choose to focus on what you'd love to create!


Then I'm all yours! Let's have a talk.

link to in-depth clarity call:

About Benedicte


My name is Benedicte and I'm 47 summers old.

Born in Norge, raised in Surinam, Phillipines, Kenya and Norge. I've lived in Denmark since 1998.

Studiet to become, and then worked as midwife for some years. Moved on to a Master in Educational Psychology and spent 10 years as a Family Social Worker. 

I'm married to David and togehter we live with our three beautiful children in Sorø, about an hour west of Copenhagen.

Friends describe me as energetic, enthusiastic, calm, as someone who loves to go mentally deep diving to get to the roots of things. They also say I'm brave, insisting and caring. On top of that I'd add; spontanious and a bit messy! Quite honestly.

I meditate every day, love a good glass of wine and feel like a happy, giggly child when I play blind goat on the trampolin with my family. 

And whenever I feel like being playful and creative- I sew something out of recycled fabric. And i love it!!

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Other Credentials

Bachelor in Midwifery (2002)

Master in Educational Psychology (2011)

Certified in Solution Focused Brief Practice (2013)

Reiki Healer (2020)

Benedicte Is On The Front Lines Helping People Like You Breakthrough



Vivian Tangaa

Guide dog trainer

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

“Benedicte does, with her soft and calming voice even the worst traumas bearable to revisit in my mind. And the best part of it is, that she makes the many uncomfortable feelings turn into a neutral state. She has helped me with my fear of meeting strangers or hanging out with friends, which used to be connected to tension, anxiety and a feeling of being less worthy, turning into a feeling of being ready to conquer the world and wanting to party! I now feel as if I have more space within and feel generally more happy.”

Kate McCavana

The Wealth Doctor

 5 Star Rating!

“Benedicte is the most wonderful MAP practitioner. Calm, focussed and incredibly sensitive, no subject is off limits. Working with Benedicte, have experienced the most profound shifts... my work/life balance is better than ever, and long term relationships are thriving where they were once the course of tension. If you're someone who feels overwhelmed sometimes... who loves looking after they're family but lost themselves along the way... or who longs to slow down and smell the roses but life is going at 100 miles an hour... then I can highly recommend Benedicte. She will change your life.”

Roberto Paganelli

Mindset Coach

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

“Benedicte has an extremely relaxing and confident way about her, which makes it extremely easy to calm down and open up to thoughts and emotions. The MAP session was extremely effective in the sense that it has brought higher levels of clarity and peace of mind in terms of how I observe and confront day to day reality. I highly recommend considering this exercise and Benedicte as the person executing it.”

Antonio Oliva


⭐ 5 Star Rating!

“Benedicte helped me out from a stressful situation after covid and supported me with her unique methodology. With very practical and easy steps to follow, I could eventually take a step back from stress and calmly move forward. This mindful technique helped keep me centered.”

Birgitte G

HR Consultant

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

“I actually don't understand what happens inside my brain as I receive a session, but I can feel it. I've been dealing with anxiety for many years and in this gentle course of treatment I've experienced how the strength of my anxiety has decreased. As if it has been punctured. It feels fantastic, and life becomes freer. I can highly recommend MAP and Benedicte! "

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In this package you’ll get 11 1:1 sessions of 1,5- 2 hours duration each, audio files working on releasing sabotaging, unconscious patterns, guided meditations, powerful exercises and more.

Coaches needing sublimial sessions for programs

If you're a MAP-coach, creating powerful programs and would love to offer your clients the bonus of a bespoken subliminal aligned with your program, but can't find the time to make them, then I'm ready to be at your service. I've created powerful subliminals for 1 year with great results. Book a call to click here to learn more.


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