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The Neurobiology of Trauma and The MAP Method

Whitepaper on the MAP Method and trauma

Author Colette and coauthor Denise explore the different areas of the brain that trauma affects and the therapeutic objectives neuroimaging shows to be key to healing trauma and much more!


Abundance On Demand

The Five Easy Steps to Mastering the Inner Game of Money. 

International Amazon Bestseller, Abundance On Demand, reveals the 5 steps to move the needle in your ability to attract, save and invest your money. It is research-based, immensely practical, and will make a huge difference in your ability to master the game of money.



How to Manifest Miracles with the Power of Your Mind.

This book reveals how you can use the most powerful tool we as humans have at our disposal... the mind. Author Colette Streicher reveals how to use the mind to manifest what you desire in life. 


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