Learn About The MAP Method


What's Different About The MAP Method™?

Our Founder, Colette, explains why the MAP Method™ is often described as 'the missing piece' by experienced therapists, coaches and energy workers from all over the world.



What Is A MAP Session Like?

Colette explains what a MAP Session looks like and the difference between your first MAP Session and the sessions that follow. 

You can check out examples on our blog posts below. 


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How Does The MAP Method™ Create Lasting Effects?

Colette explains how the MAP process can create change at a fast rate and how the MAP Method™ uses neuroscience to create lasting change for people.


Who Can Benefit From The MAP Method™? 

Colette explains the types of people that can benefit from MAP Sessions and the variety of ailments that can be addressed using the MAP  Method™ that have been discovered over years of working with hundreds of different clients.

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