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Debbie O'Keefe

Teacher & Advanced Practitioner of MAP C.I
Location: New York, USA


  • Personal Transformation

  • Authenticity

  • Self-compassion

  • Empowerment

  • Self-Esteem &Confidence

  • Stress Management

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About Debbie

For most of my life, I based my entire way of life on what I believed others expected of me and what I needed in order to be loved and accepted by others.

I constantly compared myself to others, demanded far more of myself than I was capable of being and doing, and denied myself anything and everything to meet my own needs and desires and to nurture myself. 

I resisted and ran from the truth of who I am and everything I was meant to be in an effort to “fit the mold” of society and meet the standards of what everyone else deemed “normal and acceptable.”

In 2015, I believed that my experiences with chronic illness, anxiety and depression were the worst things imaginable. Little did I realize this challenging time was the "wake-up call" I desperately needed, and would serve as the greatest gift in my life.

This was the call to “return home” to my true spirit and self, to embrace my unique gifts, talents and abilities, to shine my light out in the world and to ALWAYS be EXEMPLARY and NEVERY ordinary.

These experiences led me on the journey to my new life path and transformational journey and on a mission to help transform the lives of so many others. 

My name is Debbie O'Keefe. I am a Personal Transformation coach, certified MAP Method™ coach, and Emotional Freedom Technique coach.

I help everyone who truly desires change transform their lives in unimaginable ways.  I accomplish this by helping them clear the mental, emotional and energetic blocks which stand in the way of living their greatest life as their highest selves. 

I make it possible to create the life you desire most by helping you free yourself of negative memories from the past, clear self-limiting beliefs and emotions, and break self-sabotaging habits and behaviors that are holding you back in life.

You’ll be able to finally get off the crazy "roller coaster" and coast through life navigating through challenges with grace and ease. 

If you're looking for someone who is going to work with you in a supportive, compassionate, friendly and fun manner...then I'm the perfect match for you! I have pursued extensive training and education in the field of life coaching.

I'll remain committed to you and your coaching needs. I'll work with you and support you along your journey. If you're ready to work and willing to change to better your life, I'm here to work with you and ALWAYS commit 100% to your needs.


If you are ready to live a heart-centered life, clear the path of everything standing in the way of your success and happiness, put yourself first, and live as your most authentic and limitless self...CONTACT ME TODAY or check out my "SERVICES" page to learn about all of the exciting and fun ways we can work, learn and grow together!

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Other Credentials

MSEd. Multi-Subject Education (5-12)

MSEd. Students with Disabilities (5-12)

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Certified Solution Focused Coach (ICF Accredited)

Certified Transformational Coach (ICF Accredited)

Certified EFT Coach

Certified Mindfulness Coach

Certified Life Story Coach

Certified Confidence Life Coach

Debbie Is On The Front Lines Helping People Like You Breakthrough



Joe Miccio

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

I have been working with Debbie at Life Path Consulting for a couple of months now. We immediately clicked and made progress in the first week or two. I felt comfortable and at ease with her. She was so supportive, compassionate, and understanding. She was flexible and willing to tailor her services to meet my needs and gave me the energy and focus to move forward. I'm now in more control of the ups and downs that come my way and I've been able to re-ignite my passion for playing music and finding peace and fellowship in daily activities. If you are feeling stuck and have been searching for a unique way to 'step out of the box,' then working with Debbie O'Keefe is your solution. 

Kerensa Ransom

⭐⭐⭐ 5 Star Rating!

Our sessions helped so much! Thank you, thank you! The most noticeable difference since our last session is that I speak up! Not out of reactivity, but from a place of grounded inner power. With no fear of ‘getting in trouble.’ I set a boundary this week and WHAZAM on the results! AMAZING! You helped me clear some of the ‘caged’ feelings I was having. You also cleared the various parts that were sabotaging my active experience, and ultimately stopping me from progressing forward in so many areas of my life. I will be FOREVER grateful!

Amy Soule

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

 I just had my first coaching session with Debbie, and WOW! She has such a bright, sweet, and loving energy, and her technique was extremely helpful. I had been blocked on a short-term goal that is important to me, and as soon as the session with Debbie was over, I completed my goal easily. It was strange to me that it had ever seemed so hard. This is effective!

Lyn Slavin

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

Debbie, your Dreams to Reality and it was one of the most moving and energetic sessions I have ever been involved with. Your words were extremely powerful. I had intense constant movement. MAP has successfully worked for me during every session and I am humbled and thankful for this help. However, your Dreams to Reality session was unexpected, different, amazing and magical - I was and still am, in awe. Thank you for the experience. 

Meenal Galal

Medical Doctor, Great Britain, UK

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

Thank you for your incredible Dreams to Reality sessions! Your intuition is always spot on and you seem to find a way to target even the sneakiest little negative subconscious thought patterns. Your energy is contagious, her intuition is incisive and she infuses her sessions with warmth and love. Highly recommended! You have become a staple to the beginning of my week and I am so grateful and appreciative for you! Thank you again, love your energy! Debbie, you will be henceforth known as the ‘Dream Whisperer!

Danisa Perlata

Real Estate Agent

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

I love your sincere energy Debbie!!  I felt SC working in my brain because I started yawning Big Time!! This is confirmation that it's working for me! Thank you for hosting Debbie! You're awesome!! 

Gina DeMeo

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

I will always be grateful for everything she’s done to help my sons succeed in life and for all she has done for our family!

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Services & Coaching Packages

I offer a variety of online courses centered around authenticity, positive mind-sets, elevating frequencies, and empowered living! My online courses allow you to learn and grow, anywhere, anytime!

Private Sessions 60-90 min available in
(1, 4, & 8 session packages)


Work with me one-on-one to clear the path to your greatest life as your highest self!

Free yourself of everything that isn’t serving you and create the life you truly want and deserve most!

Check out all of the private session offerings available!

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My New Life Path Complete Transformation Experience: Online Course and Group Coaching


"My New Life Path" is a coaching program that will help you break through the wall and live the life you desire most! During each session, you’ll clear the blocks which may be standing in the way of achieving your goals, having everything you desire and living a life where "dreams really do come true!"

Start your journey TODAY! You've got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

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My Moment of Truth” Membership: Group Coaching Program


The "My Moment of Truth" Membership will help align you with your true self, connect you with your intuition, and clear the path of everything that is holding you back and creating resistance in your life. 

You'll feel more at peace, less overwhelmed, and excited about who you are the life you live! You’ll start caring and providing for yourself on a whole new level and honor yourself in the way you are meant for! 

At the end of each session, you will feel inspired, motivated, renewed, empowered and more aligned with your highest and most limitless self!

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