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Dr. Jenna Foster

Self-Love and Spiritual Growth
Location: Hilo, Hawaii USA


  • Trusting inner guidance

  • Connecting with Heart Energy

  • Connecting with Soul purpose

  • Awareness for the “ripeness” of action

  • Empowerment and motivation

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How Jenna Can Help You.

Do you desire to create a life that was meant for YOU to be, and that you really love and enjoy? Are you trying new approaches, learning and educating yourself, but nothing seems to bring you the desired results? Inspite of how hard you try, is something holding you back and you seem to go in circles and are confronted with similar recurring experiences and events?

Do you desire to break out of this wheel of repetition and live up to your true greatness? Are you committed to give whatever is needed and to take action?

If you can say YES to all or most of the questions above, I would love to work with you! I have been successfully helping many clients to get their inner blocks out of the way and move on with their dreams, projects and lives! 

If you are commited to break through and move forward on your path, we should talk! Benefit from the regular discounts I’m offering for my new clients and additional bonuses for recurring clients! Take action!  

About Jenna

Formerly a social psychology researcher, and for over a decade working as a coach and trainer for German universities and private clients, she has supported 1400 students and professionals annually to achieve their goals and improve their lives. After her move to Hawaii and living through the Kilauea eruption only 4 miles away from Ahuʻailāʻau, the fissure that extinguished the village of Kapoho in 2018, she experienced a breakthrough in her understanding and feeling of Oneness, the Energy, and her healing abilities, that led her to manifest The House of Soul Guided Healing Work. 

Jenna’s healing approach is holistic including body-mind-spirit, energy, and the Soul level. She uses a bouquet of methods to provide tailored support to each client at the conscious and unconscious level, physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually. 

Supporting people’s transformation who is committed to healing others or oneself, she follows her deepest passion and contributes to a ripple-effect of raising the frequency and vibration for all people. 

She is looking forward to meeting YOU!

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Other Credentials

Soul guided healing work

Soul-centered Healing – removing spirt intrusions and energy attachements

Usui Reiki

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)


Advanced Energy Healing

Ho’oponopono Method


Further methods: energy medicine, trilogy, breathing techniques, meditation, sound healing, color and light healing

Jenna Is On The Front Lines Helping People Like You Breakthrough!



Debbie Laino

Certified Yoga Teacher

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"At the end of session my issue was totally neutralized and I experienced feelings of peace and pure joy. Thank you Jenna!"

Julie Royer

Founder of Coaching de Transformation

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"Jenna’s open-hearted approach created space for me where I felt completely safe and accepted for who I am."

Dennis Darragh

Owner of the

⭐⭐⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"The sessions were very helpful and very insightful and Jenna is a great master so you deserve to give yourself a shot at it!"

Sharon Y


⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"I could not have gone through the hard times I experienced without her."

Carolyn S

Addiction Counselor

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"Through her focused patient guidance, I was able to dig deep and gain clarity."

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Services & Coaching Packages

COVID19 Support Session

This MAP session will support you to neutralize negative memories, feelings, emotions and negative beliefs regard yourself, others and the world. You will be able to shift your perception, you will feel self-empowered and able to make better decisions. If you have never had a MAP session before, the introduction into MAP method will be included in this session.

One-on-one coaching session to work on Covid-related subject or issue, duration 75 min, Special offer! Benefit from additional discounts and bonuses!

Liberating from the Past (Introductory Coaching Package) Best Deal!

ICP includes the Intro-Session, Genogram, Timeline and two regular MAP session. In the Genogram session, you can clear relationships in your family constellation, and identify and neutralize unsupportive family loyalties, negative memories and dis-empowering beliefs related to your family history. The Timeline session supports you, to clear negative past core events that cause emotional blocks, suffering and limit your thinking, feeling and acting. 

5 one-on-one coaching sessions, Genogram + Timeline duration up to 90 min, MAP sessions up to 75 min. Benefit from discounts and bonuses!

Shortcut to a Fulfilled Life! (Advanced Coaching Package)

Transform your life to experience more Love, balance, harmony, peace, joy, abundance, and beauty. Realign with your soul and your higher purpose and get the Universe to work on your side and get you what you need and when you need it.

5 one-on-one coaching sessions, duration of a session up to 75 min. Benefit from current discounts and bonuses!


Create a Fulfilled Future in the Present Moment! MAP Packages with 7 or 10 sessions

Awaken to your true Self and create your dream healing or coaching business and your dream life! Experience yourself in a new way! Unblock your healing skills and abilities! Transform former inner blocks into deep insights, shift emotional wounds into greatest gifts!

7 or 10 one-on-one coaching session to work on your subject or issue, duration 75 min. 


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