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Dr. Jenna Foster

Self-Love and Spiritual Growth
Location: Hilo, Hawaii USA


  • Self-Love and Spiritual growth
  • Mastering big projects
  • Dealing with the loss of a beloved pet
  • Transforms fatigue and lack of energy into clarity and motivation.
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How MAP Coaching Change Your Life

Do you desire to fulfill your dreams and create a life you really love and enjoy? Every single piece of it?

Are you constantly learning, trying new things, and educating yourself, but nothing seems to bring the desired results?

Are you committed to fulfill your dreams and take action?

However, despite how hard you try something is holding you back. You seem to go in circles and are confronted with similar recurring experiences and events?

Do you desire to break out of this wheel of repetition and manifest your true greatness but you don’t know how and your faith is fading that there is help?

If you can relate to all or some of those questions, I would love to work with you. I have been successfully helping many clients to get their inner barriers out of the way and move on with their projects, their dreams, and their lives!

There is help. If you want to break through and move forward on your path, we should talk. Right now, I’m offering introductory prices for my coaching packages. Benefit from it and take action! Please, contact me!


About Jenna

Formerly a social psychology researcher, and for the past 12+ years working as a coach and trainer, I have supported 1400 students and professionals annually to achieve their goals and improve their lives. For my work I combine a set of methods that enable me to support my clients at the conscious and unconscious level, energetically and spiritually.

Transforming people’s lives is my deepest passion. I’m looking forward to see YOUR most beautiful smile!

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Ho’oponopono Method

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Debbie Laino

Certified Yoga Teacher

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"At the end of session my issue was totally neutralized and I experienced feelings of peace and pure joy. Thank you Jenna!"

Julie Royer

Founder of Coaching de Transformation

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"Jenna’s open-hearted approach created space for me where I felt completely safe and accepted for who I am."

Dennis Darragh

Owner of the

⭐⭐⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"The sessions were very helpful and very insightful and Jenna is a great master so you deserve to give yourself a shot at it!"

Sharon Y


⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"I could not have gone through the hard times I experienced without her."

Carolyn S

Addiction Counselor

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"Through her focused patient guidance, I was able to dig deep and gain clarity."

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Services & Coaching Packages

Introductory MAP Session

After attending a short video-training that will teach your Super Conscious the “Process Healing Method” you are ready for your Intro Session. In this session, you will receive a second part of the MAP training and work on a subject that is important for you. This session is included in the Introductory and the Advanced Coaching Package. You can book this session separately if you want to try MAP but are not ready yet to book a Coaching Package. 

One-on-one coaching, duration up to 2 hours. Great opportunity to check out the MAP Method!

introductory price $30

Single MAP Session

A Single MAP Coaching Session offers you an easy way to clear out fears, worries, doubts and negative thoughts from your current mental and emotional state. You will become more relaxed, peaceful and balanced, more focused, and better equipped to solve problems you face, make better decisions, and experience more joy and fulfillment in your life. You will accomplish more in a shorter time, and gain more time to do things you love!

One-on-one MAP Session and a perfect way to work on any current subject relevant for you. Duration up to 90 min. 

Introductory price $150

Introductory Coaching Package

The ICP includes an Intro, Genogram, Timeline and a regular MAP Session. The Genogram session supports you to identify and neutralize the negative impact of your family history, unsupportive loyalties, and dis-empowering beliefs inherited from your ancestors. In the Timeline Session, you will clear past events that cause emotional suffering and limit the way you think, feel and act. Get free from the past!

One-on-one coaching, Genogram and Timeline duration up to
2 Hours, MAP session up to 90 min. 4.5 hours to make a big shift in your life!

Introductory price only $450

Advanced Coaching Package

ACP includes five MAP Coaching sessions. I recommend booking this package after clearing out the past to accelerate the coaching results. You can utilize ACP along with a coaching plan to work on certain areas of your life or apply it on spontaneously chosen subjects relevant to you. Either way, you will benefit greatly! Use this shortcut to transform your life to more balance, harmony, peace, joy, and abundance.

Five one-on-one coaching sessions to transform suffering into happiness joy and fulfillment. Duration of a session up to 90 min. 4.5 hours to a dream life! 

Introductory price $550


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