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Kriste Johnson

Certified MAP Practitioner, Intuitive Coach and Breakthrough Expert with the MAP Coaching Institute
Location: Berkeley, California, USA


  • Transforming Anxiety
  • Life Purpose Clarity
  • Embodied Self-Love
  • Chakra and Meridian Balancing
  • Clearing Phobias
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What I'm Passionate About 

If you have retreated with your heart, if you're feeling disconnected, lonely or alone, or even depressed,

I am here to be with you and to hold the space for you as you find the courage to come back to your heart.

I will be here to support you as you practice guiding your own life through your open and loving heart.

I will be your mirror as you deepen and learn to trust your connection to life, relationships and yourself.

I am passionate about empowering you to be aligned with your truth and to create and live your best life. I want you to feel love, nourished and nurtured. I want to encourage you to feel safe in embracing your uniqueness. I want you to acknowledge your gifts. This, after all, is our purpose in life: Living who we truly are, inside and out.

For many of us, this requires letting go of past traumatic triggers - both physical and emotional. In order to do this, we must remove blocks and beliefs that no longer serve us. As a MAP Practitioner, I help you to do that through rewiring your brain and rewriting your reality.

I will inspire and encourage you to live with clarity and integrity, and to live with deep self-love. 

About Kriste

 As a heart-centered empath, I teach love and compassion along the way, and I model living from my truth.

My life has been a journey of learning to show up as my most authentic self -  from my essence, my truth, my heart. And perhaps even more importantly, about learning to be comfortable being that! It hasn't been easy to fully embody or embrace these practices in a world that doesn't seem to value sensitivity and authenticity.

Perhaps you can relate? Or you are desiring or hungry for more connection? As I've learned, true connection comes from our very own heart space. I've had to find my way there. This has been my journey "home."

And now, as I grow and expand into more of my truths and who I am, I am passionate about helping others find the same.

With the MAP Method technique, I have found peace. In the past, I would trigger easily. Although I had the awareness of what caused these triggers, I didn't know or have the tools to quiet them or have them not reoccur. MAP has helped me to diminish these triggers and thought patterns. Three-day triggers or a full-blown trigger leading into depression for six months just does not happen any more.

If you are on my page, there is a deeper calling and a knowing that you desire to be healed and to take the reins into your own hands. Let me guide you!

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Email: [email protected]
Phone / Whatsapp #: 415-717-9146
Website: coming soon

Other Credentials

  • Certified Professional Life (CoActive) Coach
  • Energy and Intuitive Healing
  • Certified Angel Channeler
  • Certified Angel Card Reader
  • Intuitive Oracle Card Readings
  • End-of-Life Doula

Kriste Is Helping People Like You Transform Themselves and Change Their Lives!



Jennifer T
Certified Massage Therapist 

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

 I had several weekly MAP sessions with Kriste and I highly recommend her. I was amazed after each experience. All the feelings that arose so quickly and morphed and uncovered, revealing how each issue’s emotions are stacked inside us like a totem pole. Carefully unwinding the threads that hold it all together is her superpower. But surprisingly never feeling in pieces or un-done after. Kriste has a natural ability to zero in deep inside, gently, leading you through the incredible maze that we are, always bringing something out into the open and neutralizing it with her ease of compassionate space holding along with this very structured formula of Mapping. Kriste is your guide bridging the inner with the outer, eliminating your blind spots. You can 100% trust her.

Dr. Matthew E

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

I highly recommend working with Kriste! She is a fantastic person and extremely knowledgeable and efficient at helping others through the facilitation of her work. She has the awareness to connect, hold the proper space, and evolve people towards their own intuitive goals. The MAP technique is not about learning new information, but the assimilation of the information we hold onto as our truth. The MAP technique supports the proper context with how we categorize our experiences and can deepen our relationship with ourself and all aspects of life. Kriste utilizes these deep understandings with her clients to propel them into a place of more fulfillment. 

Jen M
Project Manager 

⭐ 5 Star Rating!


For years I have been terrified of snakes. I couldn’t say the word let alone look at a picture or worse yet, see one in person. All of my close family and friends knew this about me and would just say “S’s” when they would come slithering into conversation. 

My experience with Kriste in only a couple of MAP sessions had taken my fear of snakes from a 10 to a 1 or 2! I’m not ready to own a pet snake, but my fear level when I am talking about them or seeing a picture of them is practically gone. Kriste helped me to get back to something I love…hiking in the hills of Marin!

 Kristin T
Life and Executive Coach

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

Kriste is a naturally gifted coach. She possesses a deep and natural wisdom, intuition and empathy that she leans into as she guides her clients through a process that is gentle, yet powerful.

In working with her, I felt safe, heard and cared for while experiencing some of the most immediate and embodied shifts that previously, I had struggled for decades to resolve in therapy.

I cannot recommend Kriste more highly!

Ann M
CEO/Business Owner

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

Kriste is a very genuine, warm, kind, intuitive person. I immediately felt safe and confident that I was in very capable hands. Thank you so much for your wisdom, gentleness, guidance and coaching, Kriste. I dearly appreciate you. I recommend her highly!

Services & Coaching Packages

Choose from a variety of different services and packages.

Reconnecting to Yourself

Let's explore what's most needed to feel less pain and more fulfillment in your life!

One-on-One sessions - $160 

Healing The Heart

A commitment to move past the past, learn to tune in and stay attuned to your heart's calling!

Package of Three - $465

Coming Home To The Heart

Live from a place of openness, allow and trust that your loving heart will guide your life! 

Package of Eight - $1197


This discovery call is a free no-pressure chat (on-line via zoom) to get to know each other and figure out which of my programs or services will best meet your needs should you choose to work with me. 

Please call, text or email: 415-717-9146 or [email protected]