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Sofie Hon

MAP Certification Trainer and Coach at the MAP Coaching Institute, Advanced Practitioner (1000+ sessions)
Location: Singapore


  • Business Success and Personal Growth for C-Suite Executives and  Business Owners
  • Career and Life Transitions for Working Professionals
  • Financial Wellness for Solopreneurs and Coaches
  • Work-Life Integration for Working Moms
  • Health & Wellness
  • Stress and Anxiety in Children, Teens and Adolescents
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Who is this for?

Live the PERFECT life by being empowered to decide on YOUR FUTURE.

If you are a busy working Mum, a stressed out high-flying professional or parents of challenging kids, you no longer have to be stuck in the rut.

Sofie uses an integrative holistic approach to guide her clients from despair to hope. She will help you rewire your brain for success, focusing on what you want so you can realize your dreams and goals. She believes that everyone can live the perfect life they want by being empowered to choose it.

Sofie brings into her coaching a vast experience with health and wellness, child behavioural issues, family transformation, professional career, and sports excellence. Her passion has led her to help children develop confidence and self-control and discover their true potential.

It is time to let go of your baggage and clear out the junk so that you have a beautiful space to receive abundance and become the best version of yourself.


About Sofie

Sofie Hon is a wellness advocate, passionate about young children and supporting busy Mums. She is a certified MAP practitioner and aromatherapy coach and founded The Honest Health to help busy Mums nurture happier healthier kids through natural holistic living. 

Several years ago the medical system gave up on her daughter leaving her to deal with a life threatening illness and after effects of potent drugs. Through natural holistic methods and the mind wellness support of MAP, her daughter is now a happy healthy child. 

Since then Sofie has committed to work with other children with a mission to help them feel better and begin to thrive. She is grateful for getting her original child back after 6years and wants to give back to other Mums so that they can also build memories with the best version of their children. Her MAP sessions will empower Mums with gentle yet powerful techniques to manoeuvre everyday living.

Her clients include male and female professionals who want progress in their career while balancing a healthy family, educated Mums who want to improve their family’s lifestyle, children who need health and emotional support (anxiety, depression, behavioural etc), children who train in competitive sports and anyone who believes that there is hope for every mother and child. 

Her goal is to empower as many Mums as possible to spend more and quality time with their children and to raise a generation of naturally healthy young people that will make a conscious difference to the future of our world.

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Other Credentials

Double degree in Business and Engineering

Diploma in Mindfulness for Children

Essential Oil Coach, Essential Oil Institute

Senior Management Corporate Experience

Co-founder of MAP Coaching Asia

Founder of Hearty Mums

Sofie Is On The Front Lines Helping People Like You Breakthrough



Elizabeth Oei

Working Mum of 4 young children

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"I am a working Mum of 4 young children and also caring for elderly parents. I had a few sessions with the amazing Sofie Hon. I love how MAP encourages us to heal ourselves. It’s been an illuminating journey, and I am looking forward to moving to a better place within me. I think everyone should give this a try because it can only help and can’t hurt you in any way."

Dimanthe Jayasinghe

Engineer and Father of 2 lovely children

⭐⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"I had a few MAP sessions with Sofie and discovered how to control my fears and negative thoughts on a daily basis. What I really enjoyed and was astonished was how Sofie was able to speak into my superconscious to guide me in discovering what fear I needed to overcome."

Renu George

Working Mum of 3 teenage boys

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"Sofie has a very patient and gentle approach in dealing with people and this has always made me very comfortable. Through MAP she unravelled the truth about my possibilities and made me aware that I can tap on my mind to reach my fullest potential. "

Vicky S.

Social Worker and Mother of a boy

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"Sofie's coaching led me to believing 100% in my vision and ability to learn how to create videos. She offered her support and insight in a way that was profound and practical."

Ava Wong

Homemaker and Mother of 2 active boys

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

"Would recommend this to someone who needs a little help to dig deep into the 'why' and 'how' to get unstuck. Be open about it and own up to your issues. Then discover what possibilities will open up!"

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Single Pick-Me-Up Session

Ideal for repeat clients who just want a standalone session to support a specific issue.


Basic Discover Package

The Basic Discovery Package gives a gentle introduction to Mind Wellness MAP Techniques that will help you discover how you can be empowered to be the change in your own life and start living it.


Ultimate Transformation Package

Best value package that will not only empower you to become the change in your own life but bring you towards a holistic journey of health, wellness and abundance.



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