As a Manifestation coach, Colette Streicher has had over 30 years of experience in how to manifest desires. She gives you a step-by-step process to create whatever you want in your life. There are also some fun stories on how She "created" her son, after 12 years of marriage, moved to the US, and more!

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About The Book

For more than 30 years Colette has studied and used the law of attraction to create the dream life she wanted; love, money, traveling, and the free time to take huge vacations and go to all the seminars she wanted to attend. She had never took medication or needed much medical assistance due to her ability to keep a healthy body and explosive energy! 

As a french teenager, she began spontaneously using the law of attraction to attract her soul mate. They are still together 30+ years later. Since that time, She has spent her life in personal development in both france and the united states. And miracles have not stopped happening in her life ever since, and in this book she will relate a few of them to uncover the secrets behind making dramatic results in your life. 

By utilizing the law of attraction all of these years she has discover 3 main pitfalls the are keeping people trapped and unable to manifest what they want. In the book there are also some specific techniques that can help anyone get out of these traps and finally manifest the dream life they deserve. 

Colette mission in this book is to share with you the missing information and give you the "know how" that you have been missing your entire life. 


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