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Jelena Katić Ujević

MAP Certification Trainer, Head Coach at the MAP Coaching Institute & Master Practitioner
(3000+ Single Sessions and more than 5000 participants in group MAP Sessions)

Location: Split, Croatia, Europe


  • Personalized MAP Recordings ( Subliminal )
  • Autoimmune & Chronic Conditions
  • Body & Inflammation
  • Infertility Challenges
  • Weight Challenges
  • Personal Growth
  • Releasing Old (Ancestral) Patterns And Heart Clearing


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How MAP Coaching Can Change Your Life?

We all have our stories during a lifetime. And we should appreciate them. Our stories show us that, hopefully, we have grown and teach us how to move forward. Sometimes, we tend to play the same story over and over, and by playing it, we prove our stories to be true every day, with every feeling and every person that comes into our life. When you have proof, that's it! Your mind keeps playing the story over and over, proof after proof. You become the story and the story becomes you. The only thing you know is your story, and you become stuck in it. You don't see or feel anything outside of it. After a while, it has become your identity, something that you know really well. You know what to expect, and while I know it may sound weird, it brings you comfort and security to be and have your story. You know the shape of it, the smells, people, and everything that comes with it. You know how to handle something you know so well, even if it hurts. I know how this feels. I know how it feels to be in the comfort of your story, even if it's not serving you anymore. Even if that is the only possibility you see. It feels good to be in something that you feel so deeply. It is scary not to be your story. What if I were to tell you that you can still have your story, you can still learn lessons and grow from it, but not be stuck in it any longer? 

After living so long in my stories, I am finally free. They are and will always be a part of who I am, but I am free from them. I don't feel stuck and I can see all the possibilities in front of me and it feels good! Can you just imagine how you would feel if when you remember your story there is no discomfort? There is no pain, guilt, anger, or sadness? That feeling that you can change anything? What if you can remember your story and be at peace with it? What if you can really live a life you always wanted? What is it that you can lose? Give yourself a chance for a life that you have always secretly desired.


About Jelena

My name is Jelena, I am from Croatia and this is a short story about my journey. I was in a huge mess before I found out about the MAP Method™. I was injured after a car accident, and the doctors didn’t give me good chances. Even though I was fighting, I reached a point where I felt like it was pointless. I broke down into pieces. I knew everything about the Law of Attraction but it was not enough. When I had my first MAP session, it felt as if someone took away my pain, my struggle, and the cycle I was in was broken. The idea that in only one or two hours you can heal the pain inside of your heart set me free. Soon after, I became a Certified MAP Practitioner and my mission was to help others find their voice! I became the first certified practitioner in Croatia, in the Balkans, and the first MAP Practitioner from Germany to Asia. I continued to grow and learn so I've become the first MAP Certification Trainer as well as the Head Coach at the MAP Coaching Institute. I am speaking my truth now and I've helped hundreds and thousands of others do the same.

You know, I always wanted to be a lawyer when I was a kid so I could speak for others. I was so passionate about it. To fight, to scream, to defend them all. I guess I needed that too. For someone to speak for me and my pain. Finally, I can see that my mission is to help you find your voice again so you can speak your truth. If I did it, so can you! And you know what? My story really doesn't matter. What matters is your story and what do you want to do with it. If you are ready to honor your story, its lessons, and finally let it go, to choose to be free from it and decide to write your new story, contact me. I'll be waiting for you.

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Other Credentials

🎓 Bachelor in Psychology at the Slovenian University
      (in training) 

🎓 Certified MAP Practitioner

🎓 Law of the Attraction Specialist

🎓 Avatar Course®

🎓 HTML Training (in training)

🎓 Psychology Certification (in training)

🎓 Trauma‑Sensitive HeartMath® Certified Practitioner  (in training)

When The Body Says YES Program
(Autoimmune & Chronic Conditions)

This program is designed to help you release anything that led you to have an autoimmune or chronic condition.  We will address everything from the day you were conceived (and before) up to now. By reducing chronic stress your health and immune system (inflammation) can be balanced or may improve.

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NeuroReShape Program - Release Emotional and Physical Weight

Tested with more than 600 participants who joined the Weight Release Research from July to December 2022!

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Watch the MAP Workshop, which explains how we hold emotional and physical weight. You will also experience MAP Subliminal and MAP Conscious Sessions, as well as daily mind exercises to boost your experience. Not only that, but I am offering you 40% off at the end of the trial! 

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Jelena Is On The Front Lines Helping People Like You Breakthrough



Alex C.

Medical Doctor, UK
⭐ 5 Star Rating! 

I have really valued working with Jelena as she is understanding, professional, and has a generous giving heart. In our sessions, we have been focusing on releasing the negative feelings and beliefs that have held me back in life, and transforming them into positive feelings and beliefs. I have had a lot of trauma and negative beliefs from a difficult childhood, and I am finding that having sessions with Jelena has helped to let these negatives to go. I would definitely recommend working with her!

Kerry C.

Coach, Australia
⭐ 5 Star Rating!

I would like to thank Jelena for the wonderful session I had. I was amazed at my session with Jelena.  I have always had breathing issues, as a child, I suffered bronchitis badly and have had pneumonia 3 times in my life before 40 years old, during the session  I felt this large foot being lifted off my chest.
After the session, my breathing had never been, as cleared as I felt. It has been a couple of weeks now and I still have clear breathing and feel wonderful.

Debbie O'Kefee

Certified Transformational Coach, Orange County, NY
⭐ 5 Star Rating!

There aren’t enough words to express the gratitude I feel for the honor and the blessing working with Jelena has been in my life. In the time that I have known her and have worked with her, my life has transformed in more ways than I can imagine. Since I first started having sessions with Jelena, I have effortlessly strengthened and repaired old relationships, and have opened myself up to receive new and incredibly meaningful relationships as well. My health has improved and I have literally been given hope and a chance that no medical professional or any other source has ever been able to offer. I have manifested a new and incredibly amazing home in a time when a recessed market and other external barriers made it seem “impossible.” I have opened up and embraced an entirely new way of thinking, feeling, and living! My intuition is stronger and I have embraced the gifts that I have been given. I used to wake up each day frightened, frustrated, defeated, angry, and grief-stricken, I now wake each day and live in a heightened state of gratitude, appreciation, compassion, love, optimism, and hope. I am so much more grounded and secure and am free of a dozen phobias I knew I had and even a few I wasn’t aware of! For the first time in my life, I love and appreciate my self! I am aware of my purpose and have a genuine focus and intention for my life! Jelena didn’t simply help me “change” my life…Jelena gave me the gift of a second chance and a  WHOLE NEW LIFE!!! I AM and will be FOREVER grateful to Jelena and all that she has done and for the life that she has given me!

Gloria Pasqualotto

Health and Wellness Coach, Canada
⭐⭐ 5 Star Rating!

Hi Jelena, I am soooo grateful I attended the group session you held the other day. The experience is difficult to describe in words, however, in general, I experienced a wonderful, positive shift within my energy (field).  Your professionalism of the Map technique and your expertise in the L.O.A. combined allowed me to experience the shift I needed to release some unwanted thoughts and memories that were not serving me and opened up space within me for greater possibilities, space needed for my wanted creation to emerge.  I could say there was a great sense of relief, kinda like the sense of relief when someone removes a small, needlelike splinter or sliver from you.
In the group session, Jelena, through the power of your intentional words, guiding us to see our True "worthiness"  and posing introspecting questions, you helped to "cast down" those negative, self-defeating patterns and impact a change enabling us to receive or gain our own great insights.  It is in this way, the feeling of empowerment is felt.  The energy synthesized in the group is beneficial as it is synergistically multiplied creating greater upliftment.
Jelena, you are my Trainer.  You Lead us with your bright beacon of Light, empowering us like a "Power Booster", model us with your footprints and then inspire us to make our own, unique footprints, so we can go forth and spread Light into the world with our brilliant, glowing candle. I am a testament to you, Jelena, to your extraordinary talent, a gifted mentor. Thank you! Lots of Love to you, Jelena!

Cheryl Endicott

⭐ 5 Star Rating!

I am gratefully fortunate and enriched to have received the breakthrough results of Jelena's skills as a highly effective MAP practitioner. I presented with a long-standing issue that had negatively impacted my environment and touched every aspect of my life. I worked diligently, with a vast array of tools to overcome the mental blocks and dysfunction of my situation, to no avail. The overwhelm and exhaustion of burden was in likeness to climbing Mt. Everest each and every day. I attest, that in one noninvasive MAP session, with Jelena's gentle, compassionate guidance, I was liberated of the mental, emotional, physical symptoms, and encumbrances I had long struggled with. This absolutely phenomenal experience of recognition, release, and resolve was achieved with relaxed comfort and ease.
Thank you, Jelena. You are an Earth Angel, passionately, and perfectly aligned with your divine purpose.

Kristi Johnson

Hawaii, USA
⭐ 5 Star Rating!

I had the pleasure of attending a MAP group session led by Jelena and it was wonderful. Just two days prior to this session I had an insight into relationship patterns in my life and how they mirror(ed) my relationship with myself. It was quite a download of insight and I felt somewhat agitated.
I chose this as my subject to work with and got amazing results; so much so that I really can't remember the specifics or feel a charge around the subject at all. I really love the way that Jelena conducted the session. The set up was so masterful!
We were centered, brought to neutral and safe space, and then the rest of the session took place with several re-checks and eventually resolution for all in the group. All of this took place in 45 minutes.
I love the simplicity and the power of this work. Jelena really "holds the space" for all during the session. It was beautiful!

Ivana J.

Split, Hrvatska
⭐ 5 Star Rating!

For the last 28 years, I was stuck in my home. Whenever I would go outside, even with someone, I would have a panic attack and pass out. It was so bad that I couldn't stay at home alone because I thought something bad was going to happen to me and no one would know. Because of that, a neighbor next door always had an unlocked front door so I can ask for help if I needed it. The worst part was that no one knew. Not even my husband, kids, or friends. I was lying my entire life. I would always make an excuse for why I don't go outside. If I would go outside at the end, I needed to have a safety plan and a route to go home as fast as I could. My friend recommended Jelena and I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know whether or not MAP was going to work for me, because all the commands she was using were in English. To be honest I didn't expect anything. Before my session, I asked my friend to be in the other room, just in case something bad happened to me. My friend knew that I had panic attacks just because she shared with me that she was suffering too. I prepared sugar and a glass of water, remember, it was a part of my plan. During the session, Jelena found an event that had started the whole pattern with panic attacks. It was not something I would logically ever connect with my issue. She treated several connected issues, and after only one hour, I was completely peaceful. I told my friend that she could go home. I felt really good but I was doubting because this was something that I was carrying for almost three decades. Jelena encouraged me to test it out and I did. First, to test it on small things like being home alone without the support of my neighbor. After a couple of days, I went to a garbage can that was 2 minutes away from my home. I didn't do that by myself for a really long time. I sat next to the garbage can, and for the first time, I enjoyed the sun on my skin. I was sitting there for over two hours, saying hello to my surprised neighbors who were passing by. I took a picture and sent it to Jelena. It has been six months since I had a session with Jelena. It feels like I am living a completely different life. I go outside with my husband and kids. We were on summer holidays this year and I haven’t done that since I have been married! I also got a job. Imagine me working after staying at home for almost three decades! I am free, peaceful and I can finally say that I am living a life. I am not hiding anymore, I am not scared and I do not lie to my family. I am finally in control. And I didn't even know English and I didn't understand a word she was saying to me when she was communicating with my SC mind. Thank you, Jelena for bringing me back my life.

Services & Coaching Packages

Choose from a variety of different services and packages.

Mind MAPping© Session (subliminal)

The Mind MAPping© Session is something I highly recommend if you tend to be in your mind a lot or you don't feel like sharing your personal stuff with me. It is a perfect solution that you can access anytime, forever. Once you’ve purchased it, it is yours to keep. In a recording, you cannot hear my voice. You can relax with some beach or healing sounds and let the recording do the rest. It is perfectly safe, and it will respect your mind. The sessions can address anything, and you can choose between a general version and a customized one made to your desires. 

USD 989 (replaces 4-5 full MAP Sessions)

I want my customized subliminal!

Main MAP Session

Let me show you how MAP works and what we can do together in only 90 minutes. I promise you, you will be surprised!
Experience the MAP Session and find clarity on how to move on and achieve what you desire!

Find your inner voice again and see what you can do for yourself by allowing yourself to heal!

USD 287 (90 minutes)

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Package of 4 MAP Sessions

If you are ready to dig deeper, then a package of three MAP Sessions would be perfect for you! Having a MAP Session every one or two weeks is perfect for treating everything that is not serving you anymore and opening the door for creating your new exciting reality.  

If needed, we can create a combination of my services for you!

USD 979 (each session up to 90 minutes)

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Package of 10 MAP Sessions

If you are ready to dig deeper, then a package of three MAP Sessions would be perfect for you! Having a MAP Session every one or two weeks is perfect for treating everything that is not serving you anymore and opening the door for creating your new exciting reality.

If needed, we can create a combination of my services for you!

USD 2,199 (each session up to 90 minutes)

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When The Body Says YES Program

A program designed to address autoimmune and chronic conditions.
Using MAP Subliminals, you will go deep into your subconscious mind to release beliefs, emotions, and experiences leading to chronic stress and body challenges.        

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NeuroReShape Program - Release Emotional and Physical Weight

A revolutionary program that will help you release emotional and physical weight.
Test the program for seven days for FREE (no credit card needed) by watching the Workshop recording, including the MAP Subliminal and MAP Conscious Sessions!

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Body Positivity Program

The purpose of the Body Positivity Self-paced program is to help one heal self-criticism, self-judgments, and body image. It is a combination of subliminal sessions as well as the MAP Sessions, Meditations, and exercises especially created for the Body Positivity program.   

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Mini Subliminal MAP Session For Your Pets ♥️

This Mini Subliminal MAP Session will help your pet relax and release anxiety, fear, or nervousness. It will relax their nervous system and help them feel more comfortable with fireworks or people. It will also work on any trauma they have.  

Furry YES!


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