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When The Body Says YES!




Learn how to easily, quickly, and gently neutralize past trauma that leads to autoimmune and chronic conditions.

In only 90 days, without dedicating tons of time, focus, or effort.

By leveraging the latest breakthrough in neuroscience to reconsolidate painful memories and reduce chronic stress, your health, inflammatory response, and immune system can finally be balanced and significantly improve your quality of life.


A 90-Day Transformational Experience

We will address every underlying driver of your chronic condition from the day you were conceived up until now, even including unresolved generational trauma that may have been passed down to you through your family. 

Get instant access to 3 different subliminal recorded MAP sessions, to play anytime you want.
The best solution for the occupied mind.
Subliminal will address the following topics;
acceptance, surrendering and creating a new healthy identity.
One subliminal replaces at least 4-5 full 90-minute MAP Sessions.        

Value of $3,000 USD

Enjoy these additional resources for a comprehensive approach:       

  • 40+ recorded group MAP Sessions for the body and mind, available only in this program
  • Mini MAP Sessions on topics supporting your body and mind
  • exercises and handouts created especially for this program 

 Value of $3,000

  • Weeks 1-4: Acceptance of conditions, Being diagnosed (fears, doubts, consequences), Conditions affecting relationships, Conditions affecting your finances
  • Weeks 5-8: A general feeling of your life (past), Childhood traumas, Teenage traumas, Adult traumas
  • Weeks 9-12: Fear of failing, dying, Balancing two identities (sick vs. healthy), What if I am healthy, joyful, fulfilled..., Stepping into your new (healthy) reality, claiming your power as a magnificent creator

 Value of $2,000     

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Meet the program creator and developer - Jelena Katić Ujević 

Jelena is located in Croatia and is a BSc(Psych), Head Coach, and MAP Trainer at the MAP Coaching Institute, creator of the Autoimmune Research and When the Body Says YES program, the Body Positivity and Weight Loss Programs.

She has facilitated over 3,000 single sessions and helped more than 5,000 participants in group MAP Sessions. She is devoted to helping people with autoimmune and chronic conditions, healing their relationship with the body, bringing them hope, and encouraging them in their healing journey.

Note: You can find out more about Jelena and her services HERE.


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3 Steps of The When The Body Says YES Program

In month one, we will focus on accepting your condition and your reality. This is a crucial step for healing because we need to accept ourselves and our bodies, the pain, and its current limitations. The more you resist, the more painful it will be. Accepting doesn’t mean that you are giving up or that you are defeated.  Accepting yourself as a powerful and magnificent creator empowers you to keep moving in your journey and go deeper into the cause of your autoimmune or chronic conditions.

Month two is all about Clearing Subconscious memories from conception on, reaching deep down to the Root of the Condition.
It addresses your whole timeline, since the day you were conceived (even before that if you resonate with generational traumas). The purpose of month two is to let go of your past and everything that you have been holding onto for years.
Starting from your childhood up to today by change your identity as a person with a chronic condition. It is time to heal your past.

Month three is all about balancing two of the identities, a person who has a chronic condition and a person who is healthy, satisfied, and fulfilled.  This month will help you create your new future self. It will help you tap into your heart's desires and support your creations and your new healthier identity. This is where the magic is happening. Maybe for the first time in your life, you are given the power to decide how you want to live your life and what you want to create.
How exciting is that!



Are You Ready To Transform Your Health?

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Program Payment Options


One time payment

$1249 USD

Body Community and Support

  • The full version of When The Body Says YES Program - Premium - LIFETIME ACCESS
  • 50+ recorded MAP Sessions
  • 12 Recorded Group MAP Sessions (topics covering being diagnosed and how it affects your daily life) + Body Journal 
  • Private FB Group
  • Complimentary Body Positivity program
  • Coupon code with 40% off for the Weight program  


 *Note: If you need the option with installments, you can use this six months offer (use the same coupon code) - Click here.

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3 monthly installments

$187 USD/month

Body Community and Support

  • When The Body Says YES Program - Basic Version - One year access
  • Complimentary Body Positivity program 
  • Option to upgrade to the Premium version



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Customized MAP Subliminal

$799 USD

Tailored to your needs

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Created in 7-15 days
  • Downloadable and with lifetime access


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If you're ready to start your MAP Journey on a deep and complete level, then you're in the right place. It's time to reclaim your health and live a pain-free enjoyable life! I really look forward to seeing you in the program and witnessing your transformation! 

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