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Getting Started

If you're looking for your first experience with MAP, you're in the right place!

Intro Training to MAP

Start here to learn more about the MAP Method.

Watch a free 30-minute presentation on the different benefits of MAP and how it can be used for personal growth as well as professional use as a coach, therapist, or healer.

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The Experience Workshop

Experience MAP in a group session.

Sign up for a group experience with Colette to learn more about the three steps of our coaching process and participate in a group MAP session!

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*Most popular program. Includes the Experience Workshop

The Masterclass Mini-Course

Dive deeper into the method.

Sign up for this masterclass, where you get access to our abundance and magnetization mini-course as well as the experience workshop for free with Colette.

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Core Programs

For people who are just getting started or want to use MAP on a daily basis for themselves or others.

Made for people who want to use MAP on a daily basis

MAP Coaching Program

The MAP Coaching Program is designed to neutralize blocks and increase your awareness so you can be laser-focused and make your goals happen!

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Made for people who want to use MAP professionally

MAP Certification Program

The MAP Certification Program is designed to teach you the MAP Method™ online so you can help your clients at a deeper level.

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Featured Specialty Programs

Our team of certified professionals has curated these programs below to help you with various aspects of life.

To fully participate in the specialty programs, it is necessary to get "MAP ready" from the masterclass or workshop. Without completing this prerequisite, the MAP sessions provided in each specialty program will not be as effective as intended.

When The Body Says YES

With Jelena Katić Ujević

Handle core beliefs and traumas associated with autoimmune and chronic conditions.

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With Jelena Katić Ujević   

Release emotional and physical weight using the MAP Subliminal, and more - test it for free.

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Beautiful Beginnings

With Margaret Allan

Systematically handle each year of your life from 0-18y, then rewrite what your past means to you and create a new future.

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Returning to love

With Dyan Furguson 

Understand your attachment style and let go of past baggage so you can create deeper and more fulfilling connections with others.

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