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How do we unleash your highest potential?

You will be guided through the 3 steps of the MAP Method Coaching System by Colette Streicher and other certified MAP practitioners, where you will clarify what you want in life, align your personality, and break free from old patterns.

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 How Does The MAP Coaching Program Work?


It includes Goal-Oriented Sessions to align yourself to your goals, Magnetization Sessions to energize you, and Clearing MAP Sessions to handle all the negative emotions that get in your way!

Step One - Magnify

During the weekly Magnifying Session, you will gain clarity on your dreams and define objectives for the upcoming week, month, and year.

Step Two - Clear

Every week, you can access different Clearing Sessions to release your patterns quickly and effortlessly with MAP.

Step Three - Magnetize

The weekly Magnetization Sessions are vital in creating a new identity aligned with your goals. These exercises are meant to supercharge your goals; all you have to do is focus on your desires and experience the feeling of achieving your dreams.

Step Four - Connect

Join a supportive community and engage with others about MAP and self-improvement!

What Do You Get Access To?

Hosted by expert MAP coaches, the MAP Coaching Program offers live and recorded sessions to help you clarify your goals, bring them to life, and handle anything that gets in your way!

Live Sessions

With up to 68 sessions available per month, you can always join us no matter the timezone!

Member Discounts

MAP Coaching Program members get a discount on specialty programs and private session packages, our treat!

Monthly Coaching Plan

You can access a new "Self-Discovery Sheet" to identify your roadblocks to success every month.

Recordings Available

Did you miss out on a great session or want to rewatch it? You can access the recordings of sessions within the last four weeks!

1/1 Breakthrough Coaching

A private coach is here to help you define your priorities and make the most out of the program!

Community and Support

You can join our private Facebook group or stay after our live sessions to ask questions if you need extra support.

What do you get access to?

The MAP Coaching Program is hosted by expert MAP coaches who host a series of live and recorded sessions designed to help you clarify your goals, become magnetic to those new goals and clear anything that gets in the way!

Daily Live Sessions

We offer 68 sessions per month, so no matter your timezone, you can always join us live!

The MAP Store

Access specialty programs and private session packages so you get the specific help you need!

Monthly Coaching Plan

Use our monthly 'Self-Discovery Sheets' to identify your obstacles to success.

Monthly Recordings

Missed out or want to rewatch a beloved session? We offer the last month of recordings!

1/1 Breakthrough Coaching

You get access to a private coach to define what is most important for you and then a plan to the most out of the program!

Community and Support

Join our private Facebook group or stay after our live sessions to ask questions. We are always here to help!

The Live Event Schedule

With many sessions happening weekly, you can always join one, no matter the timezone! We also offer recordings of every session offered within the past four weeks, ensuring you never miss out on valuable insights and breakthroughs.

Our Schedule Uses Eastern Standard Time USA.

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What Our Members Say About The Coaching Program

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"I love that there are so many sessions available! There is always a time that I can attend a live session or just watch a recording after work."

Michelle K.
Married and works a fulltime job

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"MAP was the solution that I had been searching for for years!"

Anna L.
Podcast Host on lifegetsbetterandbetter.com

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"I was able to identify the layers underneath that created my feeling of being stuck in my business!"

Eric R.
Business Owner

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The Coaching Program Is Perfect For You If...

  • You¬†yearn to live¬†your¬†dream life.

  • You want¬†a healthier body and healthier habits.

  • You are¬†experiencing¬†relationship challenges.

  • ¬†You are seeking a deeper form of enlightenment.

  • You are a coach, therapist, or healer¬†who wants to finally break through¬†to the next level while best serving your clients!

  • You own a business and¬†want to handle your beliefs to unleash your full potential.

  • You want to feel¬†happier, more relaxed, and more in control over your life!

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What you get:

  • 68 live sessions per month!

  • Recordings of each live session hosted within the past four weeks

  • 9 guided Magnetization Sessions per week

  • 1 Magnify Your Dreams Session per week

  • 5 Pattern & Emotion Releasing Sessions per week

  • How To Instruct Your Superconscious mini-course

  • How to Create Your Dreams audio course

  • A personal Breakthrough Expert (1 hour/mo)

  • Private Facebook group

  • Discount on¬†private coaching and specialty programs

  • Opportunities to join research programs led by our top coaches

  • Upgrade your 11 Money Saboteurs Program¬†(if previously purchased)

You receive 50% off our monthly and yearly memberships if you previously joined the MAP Experience Workshop!
We do this to ensure you get a good experience with MAP before committing to our coaching programs. Find a time, join the MAP Experience Workshop, and get this discount!

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Investing in your mental health is the best decision you can make! With a mere $5 a day, you get access to live sessions, monthly 1/1 coaching, and our entire library of magnetizations, allowing you to handle stubborn patterns in any area of your life or make your dreams come true.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee
If the coaching program isn’t for you, let us know within your first seven days, and we will gladly refund you!

Meet Your Coaches

You are in good hands: our coaches and breakthrough experts are all certified in the MAP Method and have years of independent coaching experience!

What People Say About The Team

All Coaching Program members are guided and supported by fantastic breakthrough experts.

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