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Learn From Home

As a student, you have access to an online platform with all necessary learning materials, including step-by-step educational videos and documents.

Learning Introduction

Practice In A Safe Setting

You will join supervised sessions to bring theory to practice with fellow students. A skilled trainer will be there to answer your questions and debrief you after each session so you can receive the necessary guidance.

Online sessions

Grow Better Together

The community of MAP students and alumni worldwide allows you to learn and connect with others. You can join the dedicated Facebook group to share your accomplishments or gain different perspectives from experienced students and practitioners.

Grow better together

Program Overview & Schedule

The program will help you maximize your client results in just seven months, regardless of your coaching experience.

Here's a breakdown of the course:

Who Is The Program For?

  • Anyone wanting to get started in coaching.
  • Life coaches who want to work with groups and online.
  • Business and health coaches who want to add mindset to their program.
  • Chiropractors, naturopaths, and nutritionists who want to improve their system.
  • Psychotherapists or counselors who want to become coaches.
  • Massage therapists who want to use emotional release to help their clients even further.

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Spiritual Awakening Is At The Heart Of Our Method

Our mission is to bring enlightenment into coaching.

We rely on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Flint combined with effective coaching strategies to help clients manage emotional and subconscious issues. This leads clients to become their true selves and live more deliberately.

This approach empowers individuals to recognize that they are more than their ego.

It's As Easy As 1-2-3

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Tell us about yourself & where you're at in your coaching journey (current career, goals, challenges, etc.).

Find Your Fit

We will determine how we can help you & recommend the best steps to move forward with MAP, whether the certification is the right fit or something else.

Create Your Plan

We help you create a personalized payment plan and place you in a class setting you up for success.

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The MAP Certification Program


Flexible Payment Plans Available!

Primary Features:
  • 10 modules spread over 7 months
  • Flexible schedule (at your own pace)¬†or¬†planned schedule (follow the course live)
  • Program manuals, chart PDFs, transcripts, and example sessions
  • Private Facebook community for connection & support (lifetime access)
  • Weekly Q&A and practice sessions with our trainers
  • Access to 4¬†private¬†one-on-one¬†coaching sessions with trainers
  • Fully customized monthly payments

  • Lifetime access to the MAP Certification Online University
  • Free access to all MAP Certification upgrades and materials
  • Lifetime access to our MAP Foundation Coaching Program (valued at 1,500 USD per year)
  • Lifetime access to the Marketing Tips & Tactics video course
  • Access to the MAP Store¬†to one 30% discount for any store products
  • Free access to practice sessions for 12 months after signing the agreement
  • Access to our post-certification meetings (Inner Circle) for ongoing support as a professional
  • PLUS: the opportunity to be part of study groups & research
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A Breakdown Of Features & Bonuses

Our certification program is planned out so you always know what to do next, giving you the best chance of success!

Customized Payment Plans

You can choose a payment plan that suits you or benefit from a discount if you pay in full.

Well-Structured Information

Spread over seven months, the course is organized in a way that's easy to keep track of and includes videos and readings for each week.

Easily Accessible Materials

Everything you need is available on one platform, including the program manuals, chart PDFs, transcripts, and simple example sessions.

Flexible Schedule

You can choose between joining a live class with a set schedule every week or taking the course at your own pace!

Putting Theory Into Practice

You get to ask questions and put your knowledge into practice during sessions supervised by skilled trainers.

Private Facebook Community

As a student, you have lifetime access to the dedicated Facebook group, where you can connect with others and receive support.

Post Certification Support

After you certify, you can join three free monthly meetings, during which trainers and alums discuss sessions or business-related questions.

(Bonus #1) Lifetime Access To Course Upgrades

Our team is constantly reviewing and improving training materials to ensure you get the best results in your practice. 

(Bonus #2) Lifetime Access To Our Coaching Program

You get access to our coaching program (value of 1,500 USD/year) to ensure you always have the support you need to be the best coach possible!

(Bonus #3) Marketing Tips & Tactics

You get free access to a mini course about marketing. Additional business courses are available if you want to take your business skills to another level.

(Bonus #4) Private Sessions With Trainers

If you get bogged down or overwhelmed, you can receive private sessions to get back on track!

(Bonus #5) Recorded MAP Sessions

Our E-Trainings allow you to listen to recorded MAP sessions and explore different topics to stay connected to your best self.

Frequently Asked Questions

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