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The MAP Method offers a reliable way to develop happiness, overcome stress, and find your subconscious blocks so you can live your life on purpose and to your highest potential.

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Introducing MAP


The Make Anything Possible‚ĄĘ(MAP) coaching method is a unique process¬†that came to life in 2013 when Colette Streicher, an experienced social worker and coach, stumbled upon the remarkable work of Dr. Garry Flint: Process Healing.

With his permission, she combined his process with coaching principles, mindfulness, and a hint of hypnotherapy, resulting in a powerful modality that helps people from all walks of life overcome their deep emotional patterns and live your life on purpose.

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What is MAP and who is it for?

Who Is MAP For?

The MAP method is for anyone looking for personal growth, professional growth or to find help for a loved one.

MAP Method‚ĄĘ Therapy

People On A Self-Healing Journey

Clear the underlying cause of your issues and become your true self without having to talk through all your traumas.

How to create goals?

Goal Setters

Get clear on what you want and then create beliefs that empower you to take action and intuitively move towards realizing your goal.

Coaching Certification , MAP is a coaching process used by coaches, therapists and healers.

Therapists, Coaches, and Healers

Add the missing piece to the puzzle of profound change so your clients can get deeper breakthroughs.

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What Can MAP Help With?

MAP is an acronym for Make Anything Possible, and that's its purpose: to help people change their perceptions of what is possible in their lives!

Whether you're dealing with financial troubles, a life-disturbing diagnosis, or aimlessness, the MAP method has been a process that thousands of people from all around the world, independent of belief systems, have used reliably to take back control of their lives. 

Obliterate Money & Success Blocks

Find and release beliefs that sabotage your ability to find ways to earn, save and manage your money.

Let Go Of Fear &

Neutralize the emotions, keeping your traumatic experiences alive, and set yourself free.

Manage Chronic Conditions

Harness your body's ability to self-heal by releasing past trauma and identities causing stress.

Solve Relationship & Attachment Issues

Uncover your patterns and manage traumas so you can improve your current relationships or build new, empowering ones.

Our Mission

Foster an enlightened and mentally healthy global society.

10,000 +

MAP Sessions Provided Since 2014

250 +

Certified Practitioners Using MAP Worldwide!

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Years of Helping Clients

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Our Amazing Programs

Find the right program for you and enjoy transforming from the inside out with MAP.

Cognitive health coaching credential

Best Place To Get Started!

The MAP Experience Masterclass & Workshop

Get access to our mini-course that gives you tools to apply MAP in your own life. During the two-hour workshop, you will learn about our treatment process and our three-step coaching system, participate in a group session, and ask questions at the end.


Most Popular Program

The MAP Coaching Program

Every week, you can attend several group sessions or watch recordings designed to overcome past limitations, align yourself with your dreams, and get clarity on your next action steps.

A breakthrough expert will be there to guide you and help you make the most of the program.

Quality Learning Environment
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Designed By Our Expert Practitioners

Specialty Programs

Once you have acquired a taste for MAP, try out more niche programs designed by our team of vetted and certified practitioners.

You can address the traumatic root cause of autoimmune and chronic conditions ("When the Body Says YES"), or free yourself from childhood trauma ("Beautiful Beginnings"). 


Best For Professionals

The MAP Certification Program

During this seven-month professional course, you will study the ins and outs of the powerful yet gentle MAP Method. You will grow both as a practitioner and a person while expanding the horizons of the services you provide.

Strategic Initiatives Success

What People Are Saying

Our client's amazing success speaks for itself.

"Whatever you are up to in your coaching or personal development, there is a level of MAP that can support that path." 

Robin Mack

Sports Massage Therapist

"MAP broadens your concept of what is possible in working with clients, you can personalize it, run with it and incorporate it into what you are already doing as an amazing practitioner, doctor, or therapist."

Kieran Kurkendahl

Chiropractor & Coach

"With my clients, I switched to only using the MAP System now!

Dorota Niedziela


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