Keisha Schahaff Used the MAP Method™ To Empower Her Journey to Space

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Keisha Schahaff, MAP and her journey to space

We are thrilled that one of our certified MAP practitioners, Keisha Schahaff, will be going to space with her daughter in the upcoming months. She was pleasantly surprised by a visit from Sir Richard Branson in November 2021 (see video below), who informed her that she and her daughter would be going on one of Virgin Atlantic’s first space flights!



Keisha shared with us that she took the MAP Certification Program to help her boost her mental and emotional resilience for the space flight. She plans to help the younger generation manifest their wildest dreams with her MAP certification skills and multiple holistic modalities.

We interviewed Keisha online to learn more about her work, her growth journey learning MAP, preparing to go to space, and her big vision.

Our questions below are in headers, and Keisha’s answers are underneath each question. Her responses are edited for brevity and clarity.


Hi Keisha! Can you share more about the work you do?

Sure! I am a holistic wellness coach helping with habit transformation toward a healthier lifestyle and well-being. I live on the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua but serve clients from all over the globe.

My practice includes navigating my clients’ minds toward their goals. I reach them where they are and help them from there and in other areas of their life, including health, fitness, nutrition, wealth, love, relationships, finding the calling, business growth/career, and spiritual connection to that which is greater.

In my passion, I help women balance their hormones and heal the womb of fibroids. I also help people heal their inner child wounds and balance their emotions, anxiety, and fears, releasing where they feel stuck. I include the MAP and other healing methods in my practice. I have been a Reiki master for more than 20 years. I also teach and initiate other Reiki practitioners.

How did you discover the MAP Method?

Winning the Space Flight is huge for me. I wanted to free myself of my self-limitations and emotional imbalances, fears, anxieties, and past trauma. I did not want anything to hold me back from serving the Universe. So I bought myself a ticket to India, spending weeks practicing in the Ashrams.

Not long after, a mutual friend told my husband about MAP. He said to me, “This will be right for you.” I tried a MAP session with Colette Streicher (founder of the Make Anything Possible™ coaching process), and he was right. I felt a miracle happen, a transformation within my consciousness.

I then signed up for a one-year MAP Coaching Program. After three months into the coaching program, I hopped onto the MAP Certification Program and got certified in April 2023.

How do you use MAP to support yourself for the space flight?

I am blessed to be fit and healthy. I support my physical health by continuing my plant-based diet, detox practices, meditation, yoga practices, daily cardio workouts, going to the beach, and nature walks.

It’s not time for me to attend physical training at the spaceport yet, so I’ve been using MAP to support my mental health. Here are some interesting experiences:

  • Being more "conflict-free"

Before MAP, I had a pattern of running into relationship conflicts. It was easy for me to react from a space of fear and anger.

Now with MAP, I find that I’m more conflict-free. If something not very nice is said, I no longer react to it. I can be quieter with it now and observe what’s happening. I learn so much from this silent observation. It helps me feel much calmer and more relaxed.

  • Releasing the fear of public speaking

I didn’t expect this increased exposure to social media through this space flight adventure. It brought up a lot of insecurities about being much more visible in public. It triggered a deeper trauma when I remembered how much I refused to take a public speaking module that was part of my business course many years ago.

Though I’ve been part of the Sacred Goddess Temple at Antigua, where we gather regularly as a group of women to share our stories and heal, I still felt intense heaviness whenever I thought about that traumatic memory.

Through doing MAP on myself each morning and night, I no longer feel that usual heaviness when I think back on the memory. My mind has healed that permanently with ease. I can be authentic and allow others to know more about me.

  • Processing sudden grief

Last Christmas, my father took his life. It was the most devastating period of my life. I took seven days using MAP to communicate with my Superconscious and ask it to help me to process this, releasing any traumas gently and safely.

Right now, I can even talk about it with a smile. I’m feeling okay with it.

It’s his choice, and I accept he made his choice. I no longer feel any heaviness toward him anymore. I can light a candle for him and just let it be.

This is powerful stuff. Before MAP, I would have held my father tight and said, “You’re never leaving! You’re always going to stay with me on this planet!” I would have been a total wreck. It’s a miracle that I feel so at peace with this now within just a few months.

How have you been integrating MAP into your work?

I’ve been using MAP in two main ways with my clients:

  1. Integrating MAP with Reiki healing energy as a very relaxing guided meditation.
  2. Helping Coaching clients release stuckness.

It’s been working very well with great client feedback.

Tell us more about your work helping teenagers and young adults.

I’ve been working mainly with women because I believe when the women are healed, the men have no choice but to start working on themselves.

But now that I’ve been gifted with this rare opportunity to fulfill my childhood space travel dream, I’ve been asking myself, “How do I help others after I come back from the skies?” The answer came through as a calling to work with children. These children will create our future, so I want to do my part in helping them.

I see myself giving talks in schools and doing a nice MAP workshop for the students. I plan to offer a MAP coaching program catered to teenagers and young adults with wild dreams they want to fulfill. This is a very tender age range where we tend to develop our dreams and be rebellious. By sharing my fulfilled dream, I want to encourage them to share their dreams and where they might feel stuck. MAP is a great tool to help them release limiting fears so they can pursue their boldest dreams.

It will be an amazing ripple effect I’m happy to witness.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you, Keisha, for sharing your nourishing and inspiring journey while preparing to board that space flight. We at the MAP Coaching Institute wish you the best for an enthralling and safe trip to space and back home!

Dear readers, I hope this gives you a quick glimpse into Keisha’s journey through MAP. You can connect with her through her website here.

If you want to learn more about MAP and the MAP Certification Program, you can check our website here.

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