A Glimpse Into the Magical Growth of a MAP Certification Program Student

Hi, I’m Bingz from Singapore, founder and editor for Gentleness Ambassadors, human design coach, and intuitive healer. Shortly after my birthday in September 2022, I followed my intuition to join the seven-month MAP Certification program. As an intuitive energy healer and gentleness ambassador, I am grateful for this program that has accelerated my transformational journey.

In just these few months, every lesson and interaction I had with my MAP trainer, classmates, and practice clients inspired me to uncover and release old traumas I thought were part of my identity. All this rapid release was done with so much gentleness and awe. And I love that I gained some unexpected clarity about myself with each release.

I’d love to share one of the significant shifts I experienced through MAP with you.

Are you familiar with the image of a mom having sudden superhuman strength to lift the car and save her child underneath? It’s like a Superwoman Part of her who would only emerge in a crisis like this.

I experienced a similar situation, though not as heroic.

For the past two years, I have been reclaiming my passion for dance through various online and in-person classes. A couple of months ago, I attended an in-person dance class and felt my usual awkward self while learning the steps. When it was time to perform the routine, my panic rose, and I switched to my emergency Showtime Dancer self. That was my Superwoman self. I only allowed her to emerge when it was time to perform, and my shy self would re-emerge once the performance ended. This class experience was what I felt throughout most of my in-person dance classes, even when I was dancing actively in my early twenties.

A couple of weeks after that class, I felt called to reflect on my recent dance journey and created a long list of what I’ve tried and learned from dancing more often for the past two years. My dancer self was still dormant most of the time. I still needed to call her out during every dance class consciously. Though I don’t aspire to be a professional dancer, I still crave to be more connected to my body. Something didn’t feel quite right.

While driving home that afternoon, listening to music that inspired me to flow with it, I felt my Dancer self call out to me, motivating me to groove with my head and shoulders. She wanted to merge more into my life. I was so excited to put my MAP training to use! I could see clearly that this is a part of me that wants to be healed and merge into the main Me, but there’s a Shy part preventing my Dancer self from becoming more present.


It feels so magical that nobody told me how I created these two conflicting parts.

I gave myself a MAP session once I arrived home. Flashes from the past flooded my mind—I saw myself taking ballet classes at around five years old. I was so happy and magically alive, twirling around with my new tutu skirt and doing all sorts of deep stretches I never knew I could do. I was deeply disappointed and felt rejected when my ballet teacher said I had to leave the class after just a few lessons. There was a language barrier so I couldn’t follow her instructions properly.

From that brief ballet class experience, I created two conflicting Parts in me—the super enthusiastic Dancer and the shy, sad part who feels she doesn’t belong in any dance class.

Through MAP, these two Parts are finally healed and reintegrated into my main personality. I could feel more of my Dancer self, and her stronger presence moved me to tears.

It feels so magical that nobody told me how I created these two conflicting parts. This entire story, complete with memory flashbacks and deep inner knowing, simply emerged within me as a result of doing a MAP session on myself.

It’s been such an accelerated personal growth journey immersing myself in MAP for the past few months. I listen to MAP head trainer Jelena Katić Ujević ‘s weight loss subliminal and one of Colette Streicher‘s (founder of the Make Anything Possible™ coaching process) money saboteur subliminals every day and participate in Sofie Hon's  (teaching me the MAP business program and MAP certification program) classes twice a week. I also do MAP on myself almost every day. I believe that this deep immersion in MAP has accelerated my transformation. It feels so exhilarating and empowering!


The benefit of applying MAP feels so profound, magical, and unexpected. I have witnessed this magic both for myself and my practice clients.

Here are some of their feedback:

"I got to experience MAP with Bingz Huang and it was a radical process. Therapeutic, lasting, and effective. Things came to light to be released as she spoke. Images popped into my mind and I began to realize the root cause of various issues and they each got released in a gentle yet effective way. Bravo, Bingz." ~ Dianna Lane, Singapore.

"I am blessed to have connected with Bingz who gently invoked my superconsciousness and is working to heal the trauma part by part... Who knew gentleness can be a key to working with your trauma and finding ways to heal and support your fears in a loving way. As we worked through the second session, some of these fears were addressed. The statements and stories I was telling myself had an impact and I can see more clearly now." ~ Div Manickam, India.

"I really enjoyed working with Bingz, she helped me address the subconscious causes of my sleep issues and I did see an improvement!" ~ Ro King, USA.


If you are curious to find out more about MAP, please watch our on-demand training here.

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