Jelena's Journey To Overcoming Chronic Pain And Creating Her Specialized MAP Program

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Chronic Pain Help Program

In 2015, life was looking bright for Jelena Katić Ujević. She had just been proposed to and was enjoying her prime years as a woman in her mid-twenties. But then, she experienced a terrible car accident that left her suffering from cervical dystonia and in constant pain. She spent her days confined to her bed, unable to sleep or eat, and feeling completely invisible.

Thankfully, later that year, Jelena stumbled upon the MAP Method™ and was able to turn her life around. She’s now healthy, pain-free, and ready to help others with her program When The Body Says YES, which is designed to gently and effectively neutralize past trauma at the root of autoimmune and chronic conditions.

Read the following interview as Jelena delves deeper into her story, the program, and her clients’ success stories.

Hi Jelena, can you share how MAP helped with your chronic condition?

Sure. Later that year, after the car accident, I found out about Colette Streicher and MAP on social media. She did a session with me, and it felt like someone removed the curtains in front of me. I felt so much more clarity in my life. Naturally, I signed up for more MAP sessions with Colette.

Even though Colette’s MAP sessions were focused on releasing money trauma, my body felt better after each session. After a couple of months, I regained physical independence and felt hopeful for the first time in years.

My body continued to improve after I created the MAP program When The Body Says YES along with many other body-focused MAP programs, and I followed these programs for myself.

Why did you create the program When The Body Says YES?

As my body improved, I quickly joined the MAP Certification Program, got certified, and started working with clients.

One of my clients wanted to work on how she felt about her business. After that session, she could breathe in and out fully for the first time in forty years! She had suffered from chronic bronchitis at a very young age, which continued throughout her adulthood. Many more clients told me that their body conditions started improving in miraculous ways after their non-health-related MAP sessions with me.

I witnessed how my clients’ minds could also positively affect their physical health when they feel less stressed about other aspects of their lives. Fascinated by the body-mind connection, I read books on trauma research by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Gabor Maté, and Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

This program was created using various MAP techniques and the latest trauma research findings.

In June 2020, I did my first research where participants listened to the subliminal recording once daily for 30 consecutive days. To my surprise, so many participants experienced remarkable changes after 30 days, and they were happy to record video testimonials for me.


Why did you name your program When the Body Says YES?

Dr. Gabor Maté’s book, When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress, inspired me to name my program “When the Body Says YES.” I believe this program truly helps people suffering from years of chronic pain fully align with their bodies and exclaim, “Yes! Finally!”

It’s a program that gives you hope.
It’s a program that encourages you to move forward.
It isn’t over yet.

I offer a free seven-day preview of the program when you sign up using an email address. You don’t even need to give your credit card details. I want to make it easy for anyone to test it out. So many people have shared that they have experienced incredible results through these seven days.


Can you tell us more about the mind-body connection and how our mind influences our physical state?

Your body and brain communicate through the vagus nerve, a communication highway. Because of this communication highway, your physical state can directly influence your mind, creating your life story.

In other words, your story follows your state.

Every time you experience something traumatic, you freeze up. Your brain remembers both the story and the physical state. So, every time you remember that specific experience or when you are in a similar situation, your body plays that same story, producing the same feelings and body experience.


What happens when you stay stuck in that freeze mode because you keep replaying those traumas?

Your body starts to build up more of the stress hormone cortisol, which influences your other hormones, such as your thyroid. Everything comes into misalignment, creating more inflammation in your body.

Chronic inflammation affects your organs and endocrines, leading to more chronic and autoimmune conditions.


Focusing solely on your cognitive state doesn’t help your body feel better. Your body needs to feel safe first.

Again, your story follows your state.

Many have tried repeating affirmations and manifesting positively as often as possible. Still, if your body doesn’t feel safe, you will keep getting trapped in the same story, playing out the same feelings and reinforcing the same physical state.


How does MAP help to reset the mind-body connection?

MAP works at the source where everything began—in our brains.

Using MAP, you can teach your brain to neutralize traumatic memories so there is no more emotional attachment to them. Now that your brain no longer holds on to the story of trauma, your body can release more stress, causing the cortisol hormones to decrease. This helps to realign the other hormones, reversing your body’s inflammatory response.

With reduced inflammation, your body naturally starts to recover.

This is how the program When the Body Says YES works!


Can you share some of the success stories you've had with this MAP program?

I’m delighted to share that over 90% of participants experienced a noticeable change in discomfort and pain within 30 days. The program helped them release traumas affecting the body, which significantly changed their symptoms. They felt more grounded, present, and emotionally stable.

Here are a few of my favorite success stories shared by the program participants.


 Allison's Story


Alison suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, colic, and issues with her thyroid and sex hormones. She was experiencing a lot of brain fog and spasms, so she could not memorize anything and had trouble with functional balance.

I was unaware she was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder and complex PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) when she joined the program. She had spent over thirty years in traditional psychotherapy, was admitted into mental health institutions several times, and needed to take a box of prescribed medications. One psychiatrist even wrote about her condition:

“Her psychiatric conditions are permanent, and will remain permanent, and they are severe. Notwithstanding some fluctuations, the baseline of her conditions and impairment remain severe, and substantial functional gains are not expected.”

You can see a screenshot of this medical documentation in the YouTube video above at 4:33.

Though I did not intend for this program to help with mental health issues, I want to share Alison’s miraculous recovery with you.

Alison has rewritten her life into a more positive and uplifting story six months into the MAP program. All of her body symptoms and mental health symptoms are gone. She’s no longer seeing a psychotherapist. She is living a completely different life right now. She left her unfulfilling job and is working to become a healer to help even more people!

Her story is an excellent testament to how this program can bring hope and encouragement to anyone suffering from chronic and autoimmune conditions.


Hannah's Story

Hannah was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, which is progressive and irreversible. Her brother and father died from the same condition. One of her big toes turned purple, and that symptom spread to her other toes on both feet. Within a few months, she ended up in a wheelchair.

Hannah was taking about 30 pills per day and became suicidal. She said, “I don’t see how I can continue my life anymore.”

After 30 days of listening to the MAP program subliminal recordings to neutralize all her trauma memories, she sent me a picture of her in ski gear with her hands up, enjoying a lovely snow day with her grandkids! She could now wear her socks and boots and even ski without pain!

Here’s a screenshot of her message with her miraculous ski photo.





 Debbie's Story


Debbie is a mom of two young girls and works as a healer. She suffered for years from many seemingly unexplainable physical symptoms such as insomnia, acne, abdominal pain, etc. The doctors couldn’t figure out the root cause of her symptoms and could only offer pain and symptom management.

Thirty days into our pilot group, Debbie shared with us:

“The transformations I have experienced in my life are literally granted wishes. More than healing, I desired peace and happiness with myself and my life. Today, I have that and so much more.”

Her symptoms were completely gone after the 30-day research. Her rashes and cysts in her hands disappeared, and she no longer had excessive hair loss.


Would you like to learn more about the When The Body Says YES Program?

If you felt inspired by these stories, then make sure to watch Jelena's free 90-minute workshop recording and test the program without any commitment. In the recording, you will learn more about how handling trauma can help you feel better in your body. Also, other inspiring success stories from previous participants will be shared.

An empowering journey is awaiting, click here to get started.



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