MAP Session - Caroline's trauma from childhood

MAP Session - Caroline's trauma from childhood

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Everything that we experienced when we were kids, left some mark on our adult life and who we have become today. Our Consciousness is storing every single event imagined or experienced and tipping the scales for us to believe one thing over the other and therefore creates our life patterns. Sometimes, events leave a bigger mark then others and can be very emotional for us. Just by thinking about the event, we can be triggered into such a deep level of reactivity.

Caroline is a business owner, a very successful one, but she had a trauma when she was 12 years old. Her mom died and years later it was still a touchy and painful subject for her to even think about.  Her dream is to share her story and be a speaker but this mark has left her stuck. She didn't know how to overcome the pain, sadness and the feeling that she lost someone. 

She booked a MAP Session without expecting big results. In this Demo Session, you will see the impact of the session she received. Also, you will see her feedback after several weeks. 

The MAP method never stops blowing our minds with how powerful the client shift can be in only one session!

If you would like to experience a MAP Session with one of our best coaches all you have to do is click on the link from and schedule a session from the comfort of your home!

With four sessions per package, MAP sessions can help you overcome emotional issues, old habits, and sticky patterns.

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