MAP Session - Tom's fear of dark

map demo session

Fear of the dark is a common fear or phobia among children and, to a varying degree, adults. Fear of the dark does not always concern darkness itself; it can also be a fear of possible or imagined dangers concealed by darkness.

At the MAP Coaching Institute, we work with different phobias and fears. We understand that this can be really paralyzing in your daily life.

This is a session with Tom. Tom had a trauma when he was 8 years old and since then he was afraid to be in the dark alone. Every time he would go outside he would be stressed out and he would turn around. Being in the dark was too scary for him. He had a feeling that someone was watching him and it was not pleasant.

In this video, you can see the glimpse of the one-hour session and what kind of results Tom had from it. He was so blown away that he didn't have any bad emotions when he thinks about the dark that he needed to go outside and check by walking his dog. Guess where? In the dark!


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