Stirling Uses The MAP Method™ To Facilitate Profound Change In His And His Clients' Lives

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Stirling Gardner's Journey With MAP

With a background in sales and marketing, Stirling Gardner helps coaches market and grow their businesses. Throughout his seven years of supporting coaches, he saw that many clients struggled to implement his marketing strategies due to their traumas. He decided to get certified as a MAP practitioner to help his clients release mental and emotional blocks.

In awe of his dedication to truly empowering his clients, we decided to dig deeper into his story.

Here are the highlights of our interview with him.

Hi Stirling, can you share how you discovered the MAP Method™?

I saw a Facebook ad about MAP and how it helps overcome stress, anxiety, past trauma, and self-sabotaging behaviors. I was very intrigued. So, I took one of the online MAP programs at the MAP Coaching Institute. Then, I booked a private MAP session facilitated by Margaret Allan, an experienced MAP practitioner. She also facilitates supervised sessions for certification students.


No longer a workaholic!

The private MAP session with Margaret blew my mind. I was a workaholic for many years, working 10 to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. I would feel anxious whenever I relaxed, subconsciously believing that the money would stop coming if I stopped working. But the endless work was taking a toll on me. My original intention for the session was to enjoy one weekend off without feeling guilty about not working. After that private session, I relaxed for two consecutive weekends and didn’t even realize it until my wife pointed that out! It is now my new norm to take the weekends off work.

I’m so amazed that I quickly signed up for the MAP certification program.

What do you appreciate most in your growth journey through taking this program?

Physical and mental health

I have taken various anti-anxiety medications since 2002 and have consistently taken them since 2016. I had a lot of trouble sleeping and staying asleep throughout the night. And I would have tremors in my arms upon waking every morning since 2012.

Now, I do a quick MAP session on myself whenever my brain is going too fast and I need to sleep. It usually works within a couple of minutes.

Six weeks into the certification program, I was 100% off anti-anxiety medication. I’m sleeping so much better, and my arm tremors have disappeared.

I feel like a completely new human being. It feels like a legit miracle.

On procrastinating through courses

I used to throw these crazy tantrums because I didn’t know why I couldn’t move through these expensive coaching courses I signed up for. It was super frustrating and a huge waste of money and energy.

Now, it’s no longer a problem. I didn’t even need to MAP myself on this.

On navigating sudden grief

Four months and a half months into this program, I received sudden news that my sister only had two to three weeks left to live. This happened right after another family crisis. I was so grateful to feel much calmer and centered by using MAP on myself.

My sister passed away a few days later. I was so heavy with grief that I was barely able to function. I couldn’t sleep for weeks and needed help. It was a pain I never felt before.

One of my classmates, Daniel Rosenstein, kindly offered me a MAP session. I felt noticeably different afterward and got my first good night of sleep. On the third day, I felt much lighter and could process things faster and more clearly.

Although I still miss my sister a lot, I was not consumed with thoughts of her or sadness. I know the grieving process will be whatever it will be and take as long as it takes, but that day was a significant step forward in the healing.

Can you share any memorable experiences through facilitating MAP sessions for your clients?

Generally, I have been facilitating MAP sessions for my marketing clients and have received wonderful feedback. So, I will continue to use MAP to help my clients.

A client stopped his 45-year addiction to smoking weed

I received an unexpected text from a client I just did MAP for on his business challenges. Here’s what he wrote:

“I wanted to share something. While MAP hasn’t changed my relationship to my business all that much, I have stopped smoking weed for the first time in a long time.

I have been a daily wake and baker for 45 years, give or take. I stopped smoking about a month ago with very little effort and even though there is a dispensary down the street (and proximity was also the thing that kept me smoking) I have zero inclination to go there. And I am not missing it at all.

This, to be honest, is one of the craziest things I have experienced in a long long time. And I thank you for that from the deepest recesses of my heart.”

This is such an amazing testimonial that confirms what I know about the power of MAP. Even though we were working on his business issues, MAP releases the anxiety, wherever it shows up for the client. For him, it was through smoking weed. MAP goes to the root of the anxiety and clears it effortlessly.

That’s incredible! Do you have anything else you’d like to say about MAP?

MAP is as powerful as it is subtle.

Yes. MAP is as powerful as it is subtle. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything very subtle and permission-based. As the practitioner, I need to constantly ask the client for permission before I do or say anything.

MAP is a quiet and gentle process, but the shifts are profound. I’ve never seen that with anything else. 

That’s a hard thing to process—how can this simple modality make such a profound change? I think of that every time I do a MAP for somebody or receive a MAP session.

MAP is super simple, subtle, and friendly, but you’re going to notice these big shifts over time.

This is what I find most fascinating about MAP.


Final Takeaway

Thank you, Stirling, for sharing all these deeply healing and empowering experiences! We admire your patience, nurturing presence, and commitment to facilitating MAP.

Dear readers, I hope this gives you a quick glimpse into the life of a MAP certification student. Please join me in wishing Stirling a fulfilling and satisfying career as an upcoming certified MAP practitioner! You can connect with him by emailing him at [email protected].

Our Mission at the MAP Coaching Institute is to empower individuals to quickly dissolve unconscious blocks, gently heal unresolved trauma, and easily overcome emotional stress.

If you are curious to find out more about MAP and the certification program, please watch our on-demand training here.


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